Monday, November 18, 2013

We imperfect human beings (#1753)

I occasionally catch myself making some of the simplest mistakes. I wonder sometimes where I let my brain go when I should be focusing on what I am doing. When I focus I am right on with my actions but when I am somewhere else mentally and think I can go on some kind of auto pilot, I often and I mean often find that I am unable to comprehend any deviation that comes before me. I somehow think that by rote I can accomplish things regardless of their complexity. Again, this morning I did something without thinking and now it is biting my backside for my lack of focus. Nothing real important but enough of something that I am realigning my leg so that I may proceed to begin kicking my own backside. lol. It just helps illustrate that no matter who we are and when it will happen, we will always fall short of perfection. Even in the things we have complete control over. So what I am saying is that I don't have complete control over my own simple actions. There is a tendency of my mind to wander to other things when I believe no real focus is needed, otherwise I wouldn't allow it to happen. So as an abject lesson from all this I know now not to be too critical of people who make obvious mistakes. However owing up to those mistakes is important because they serve to remind us that we are not all we think we are in the here and now. Because reality is not perfect despite what our allusions may tell us. 

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