Saturday, November 30, 2013

What moves us emotionally (#1765)

The triumph of the human spirit is what moves us. The strength and courage of those who have little to move beyond the despair they have been dealt. I had a friend who used to say that no matter what happened to him in life, such as having nothing but his underwear walking down the road he knew he would be okay. Such a self assurance is profound and worthy of note since the mental picture of that does help to keep me in my perspective that regardless the turmoil or challenge, we will persevere. I have always considered myself a strong man who was better suited helping others instead of seeking help for myself. Yet there are times I am completely and utterly humbled by some who on first sight have much less granted to them in life shoulder great burdens and perform amazing acts of kindness to others. My perspective gets a wake up call and I realize just how perfect each and everyone of us really is. None of us has the greater ability or the greater sense of worth over another. We are all equally gifted with a beauty inside us that dwarfs our own imaginings. The longer I live in this sphere of existence the more I get to see just how fortunate I am for taking the time to notice what is happening around me. I mean really notice more than just the motion but the purpose for the motion. It makes me understand that we all have a path we travel that rises to the level of appreciation and justification. Surely some of us have lost our way and are more harmful in our lives to others than we should be, but the vast majority of us are purposed with a gift that when seen by others shines out brightly and inspires us to our own grateful furtherance. 

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