Friday, November 29, 2013

Wrong is unacceptable (#1764)

Most of us are clear headed enough to recognize wrong when we see, feel, and hear it. We may not always be able to describe or define it and/or conclude a solution to it but nonetheless we are able to recognize it. Now, how do we react then? Do we just allow the wrong to exist and continue on as if nothing can change the wrong? Or do we expose the wrong and take the time to try to understand it in order to stop the wrong from being our reality? If all we are doing on this planet during our existence is just going with the flow of whatever is, then we will continually find ourselves confronted with wrongs that help some and hurt many more. If however we find that living in this existence is a challenge to our sense of honor and justice then we will confront the wrongs we find and make an effort to alleviate or reverse them. I argue on this blog site that we are a compassionate, curious and surviving species. That is the foundation of my view of the human species and if I am correct then the idea of us changing wrongs into rights is a smooth adherence to who we are. We are not some latent species content to exist at the whim of our surroundings, instead we are a demanding and intellectual species whose destiny is worthy of us to fight for. If that is true then accepting those things that hurt and harm as normal is antithetical to our nature. We must understand who we are so that when the time for reason, analysis and conclusion arrives, we always start from the same premise. 

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