Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Another good day to reflect (#1790)

There are certain days during the year that allow me to reflect on what has been and what is going on in my life. Surely the hope of some great event is just around the corner but regardless of whether it does appear I am well satisfied with my life. I cannot change one thing that has happened in it so far but overall the force of me has been a positive one. Same with the people who are in my life, they keep lifting my spirits as I try to do for them as well. The best part of who I am now and what I do is that the drama and self-made turmoil I used to be associated with is no longer present. I don't create chaos so that I can justify myself in some weird way. I just live and do the best I can and when the reflecting times come I am in a good place. That is the peace and happiness I can count on most of all. I have already been out on the road visiting family for the morning Christmas breakfast with Dad, Mom and Sis so visiting while reflecting is another feature for days like today. I have come so far from those early days when I needed some great event to validate myself as a worthy human. How my mind worked back then, it is a wonder I survived all my illogical thoughts and actions. But survive I did and finding my way to being positive, compassionate and forever curious about all things in this existence has elevated me to living a life full of possibilities. My journey is still ongoing but there will be little deviation left for me in it as I am on the right path for living and it starts with me putting everyone else first and then finding my place after that.

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