Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chasing the perfect (#1783)

Whatever we can imagine to help us fill in the blanks about why we exist is what I am referencing. I have dreams at night that absolutely astonish me. Some are scenarios that have no foundation in reality but are as real and creative as anything possible. Sometimes I truly do understand why people can't grasp reality when our imaginations are so much more. Yet that is the dilemma, we need to understand reality and then compartmentalize our imaginings as only possibilities. I discount no idea that formulates in my head or that comes to me from other sources. But not discounting is not accepting as fact or real. It is only knowing that nothing is impossible in a world that has nothing but possibility. If life has taught me one thing at all it is that life is the greatest gift I will ever know. First being able to rationalize and reason to conclusion is amazing. Logic is the finest open system of thought ever proven. Next is my senses, the taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing that I have been fortunate to have active in my life. All of my senses are a particularly majestic experience. Then there is my emotional state of being. The sensations my emotions present run the gamut of the sublime to utter despair, which is the nature of what emotional existence provides. Finally then there is my imagination and what could be in a world that is still in flux as to it's possibilities. All of these processes that exist within me are the tools I use to seek out wherever perfect may be hidden. At times I get close to the peace that is part of what perfect is and in that moment I realize that the closer I get to the perfect the less imperfect my life grows. 

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