Monday, December 16, 2013

Hope springs eternal (#1781)

When hope is there then anything is possible. Staying positive about life hinges upon realizing that hope does spring eternal. As long as I can think and reason I will see the world for what it truly could be, a great experience with unlimited possibility. Now what reality is playing out to be, less than joyful most of the time, is the reason we need hope so that our combined realities may offer more fruitful outcomes. Without hope the utter despair we see around us would have no chance for improvement. With hope all things become possible and any thing can happen to make life better. Hope is a lens for which we can see through. It is a magical ideal that raises the specter of what is to become, what could be. Hope is a lot like love, it brings a satisfaction to our lives that is practically indescribable. It opens up a panorama of views that henceforth had not been conceptualized. With that one little word, hope, we begin to see the greatness that we all can become and for that we all are able to continue the amazing advance of humanity through time and space. Nothing in existence changes our sense of what is like hope. Hope is the key to turning all our troubles into solutions. Hope has the quality to it that rectifies and validates the worthiness of our imperfect existence. Although we are imperfect we are also aware that we are, which gives us the opportunity to correct our mistakes as we recognize them. Hope is like that, always looking out for us when we care enough to care about ourselves and those others who inhabit this existence with us.

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