Sunday, December 29, 2013

How I see our society (#1794)

I was raised from a tumultuous background. We were many children in a poor middle class environment. Nothing new about that since over half of us can claim that experience. Yet I have seen what not having can do to the spirit of both the children and the parents. As sense of failure on the part of the parents for not being able to give their children even the most basic items for their improvement. And as the child I knew and can still remember the humiliation of having leftovers and hand-me-downs as "new". I knew the shame and embarrassment of not having food for lunch when it came time to eat at school. I knew the shame and embarrassment of not having school supplies when class started. I knew the shame and embarrassment of wearing worn clothes and shoes too big and the look-aways I got from my classmates who noticed. If I wanted to be part of after school activities I mostly had to arrange for my own transportation and somehow hustle up the money that invariably was needed to be included. This is why I am a Democrat with strong progressives views. I have seen the humiliating and desperation filled side of life and no one, I mean no one should ever have to live like that. We need each other to experience the wonder that is life so we also need to make sure that we are not left with feelings that degrade and diminish our worth simply because of whose families we were born into. My greatest attribute is my perseverance, not because I was hardened from the lessons of my hardships, but instead, despite them. I had to live a life that was unnecessary for me to be who I am. That is why none of us should ever have to go begging in a society that honors life instead of mocks it.

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