Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My only resolution, improve my humanity! (#1796)

Getting better at being a good and great human being 24 hours a day. Yes, even when I am sleeping haha. Seriously though, nothing is more important to me than doing the right thing and feeling good about myself and those situations around me while I am alive. Because living life in the good beats everything else except living life in the great. Naturally I will take the greater of the two but my expectations must begin from what is regularly attainable. I have control over what happens in my life regardless of what others do to me. I can't control outside forces, contrary to what many others believe, so I must accept what comes my way either with frustration and demoralization or I can take what comes and fight to make it better all the while being glad in my heart and soul that I am above doing harm to others and instead want to do help. I get to choose the way I react to everything. Anything that instigates out from me is at my mercy. Again, I cannot control what comes in to me but I damn sure can control what leaves me. That is the key to living in the good. Knowing that my thoughts and actions can be what I want them, even if I have to pause a moment to collect my thoughts before responding. Yes, not everything is required to be responded to immediately. Sometimes life is complex and situations are unclear so spending time to do some evaluating and reflecting is wise especially if we want our responses to represent the best of who we are. I will fail some times and that I know because I am imperfect but that doesn't mean I can't get better at limiting my imperfect times.

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