Friday, December 20, 2013

Optimist or pessimist, you get to choose (#1785)

It is becoming increasingly clear which political party is optimistic and which political party is pessimistic. The Democrats have within their ranks people who align themselves as liberals and progressives while the Republicans align themselves with conservatives and anti-government forces. While on the face of things it doesn't really present itself as to who is optimistic and who is pessimistic, however, exposing the policies each advocate for does begin to flush out the picture. Democrats are for changing society so that the inequalities and inherent unfairness's associated with current polices are resolved. The advance of science and technology need to be inserted into our laws to reflect the changing dynamics of our evolving society. We are not a status quo type species, we have never been a status quo type species. We continue the long history of our evolution as human beings by changing from what we needed in the past to what we need in the present and hopefully even further into the future. Democrats get this concept and are rallying behind the common sense and justice of it. Republicans on the other hand see our society as having gone too far into change and therefore want to revert back to the myths and superstitions that were utilized in our earlier brutish beginnings. There is a great struggle for the direction of our species, at least here in America and the battle is being waged regardless of whether everyone cares to admit it. It would behoove all of us to recognize our present future is at stake and the tipping point for deciding it is happening as I write this post. 

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