Saturday, December 21, 2013

Still living life like my youth (#1786)

I may be a much older version of myself from when I was a teenage boy but the hopes and desires I had back then still exist within me. Maybe not at the same levels but still quite a bit. I guess it seems from what I know about myself I will always be that young boy that was full of wonder and excitement. So regardless of what time and space does to my outside appearance, I have changed very little. The innocence and beauty that surrounded me as a child continue to do so today. Surely I am wiser and more experienced through logic and trial and error but the living of life is still magical. I tend to see what is better and best about existence and that the better and best still surround me more than not is truly magnificent. I don't want much out of life, I came into it with nothing and have been given much since I have been here. I have worked for some stability in my life but not to gain riches, power and honors, but instead to just be able to live with the hope for some personal happiness and the satisfaction that my deeds are well received. I may be considered naive by some but that is their view, not mine. Occam's Razor, is effective as a process for me since it only requires the simplest explanation as being the most probable. What you see with me is what you get. I don't live to create complex manipulations nor in an ulterior fashion. I just exist with the view that my happy self should be the priority in my life and that through that I can bring my happiness to others. The hubris of my youth may have less rough edges but the intent of the hubris is alive and well.


Gale Eads said...

Very nicely said. I Thank you for sharing..:)*

Man of Hope said...

Thank you Gale. :)