Friday, December 27, 2013

When greed wins, equality loses (#1792)

Such is the struggle in our American politics currently. There is a political party, Democrats who want to best express equality in our society through acts of communal necessity; and then there is another political party, Republicans who would like nothing better than to have greed as the foundation while dismissing equality under the guise of survival of the fittest. What the end result is is that Democrats want democracy for all to be healthy and vibrant while giving capitalism room to effectively and efficiently operate within our democracy, while Republicans want for free and unfettered capitalism to be the dominate ideal while giving equality and fairness minor roles as long as they don't impinge on the greed capitalism can only bring to some. It is a stark difference in policy direction each party realizes and now it is up to the citizens in our country to decide which vision for our society best reflects our ideals. Do we want to be a democracy, where fairness and equality are higher principles than profit making? Or do we want profit making as the greatest principle and subjugate equality and fairness as lesser concerns. Remember, capitalism has only a few winners and the rest are subject to the whims of the successful capitalists. Much like an Oligarchy or Corporatocracy where a cabal of businessmen run our country instead of "we the people". A democracy is what our political system was founded upon and allowing it to be mutated into a system that values greed over equality of opportunity for all is what the fight is all about. No one can escape responsibility for deciding our direction so understand what the two parties are asking of you and act accordingly to your own sense of value for our society.

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