Sunday, December 22, 2013

When vows and oaths contradict honor and integrity (#1787)

I think back to my youth when I was eager to be part of something that seemed right and good but later found out that not knowing the full impact of what I was vowing to also conflicted with other ideals I held as honorable principles. I saw only what I was told about or wanted to know about without fully engaging all the aspects my vow or oath entailed. Much of that is from being inexperienced and naive about life in general. I am much older now and through trial and error and attentive learning, I have the ability to rationalize the full complexity of any commitment I make upon myself. If I am to be a part of something that something had better reflect all of me and not just some of me. I am in it for all that there is when I commit. Through the years I have found that compromising on my principles is always wrong. I shall and will never deviate from living my life under honorable means whenever I have the choice to do so. So no vow or oath to some illogical group or ideal will be in my present or future. Life is long enough for me to have concluded that my values of who I am are greater than the values others may have of me. It must be so for me since I choose to lead a life that has at it's heart all that is better and best about us humans and the worst of who we are will not have a place in my life. I said earlier that life is long enough to have learned who I am but it is also too short in living it correctly once the realization of how to live who I am comes to fruition. Honor and integrity are too important for me to ever give an oath or a vow to some other concept that is not grounded in them.

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