Friday, October 10, 2014

Know our world (#2079)

We don't just don't live in our family circles. We don't just live in our towns or our states or our nation. We live in this world and whether we want to face it or not, our world needs us to understand this and what it means. We are on this planet together, not separate, together. Sure we don't mix with each other often since we have societies and borders that are erected to keep us from each other but regardless, we are not isolated from each other either. Soon, some day we will be able to conquer boundaries that now inhibit us but until then we must understand that enlightened thinking is here to stay and it's innovative creativity is on a constant march. Those forces that would take enlightenment from us are in the death throes of power and eventually they too will no longer make a viable obstacle to our knowledge evolution. Being just, good and efficient within our ever increasing knowledge base is our goal. Allowing our curiosity to expand out beyond our planet is our next manifest destiny. The fear of ourselves and our surroundings are being exposed as myths and boogeymen as our knowledge grows out from all of our contributions. We are learning from each other that none of us are greater or lesser, therefore we all have a contribution to make. The value we place on our ability to recognize that our world needs us to be comprehensive in our care for it is critical. Beyond our own personal self sustaining ambitions is the need to protect and enhance our shared environment through civilized procedures and policies. We can only do this by being informed as to what risks our environment is facing through natural and human controlled behaviors. As important is our ability to apply the current and cutting edge knowledge we are gathering toward exploring the space outside our planet. It may not be long before events outside and inside our control forces us to be prepared for the worst that may befall our ecosystem. Our current struggle against our past fears is not advancing us it is holding us back from moving forward with our destiny.

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