Monday, October 27, 2014

Stay grounded in equality (#2096)

If you find yourself in doubt about anything at all just focus on what is right about equality and your answer to your doubt will become clear. Nothing works like putting us all on the same plane of consideration. I find that no matter what policy that comes from political and social leaders, if equality ins't at the heart of it then the intent of the policies are for less than honorable reasons. The one factor in all of the things in life is that we humans have the same wants and needs. No one is more or less than another so anything that doesn't keep our society level through equality isn't worthy of our effort. Structures in government that uplift society are even more important than structures designed to separate us from each other. We are a merit and means driven society however we are also a society that cannot abide less than honorable intents. The strong and creative among us are not better or more privileged that those who are not. If anything the strong and creative among us owe a duty to our society to lead by honorable examples not by selfish desires. Never, ever forget that our society is like a chain and the weakest link is where we need to focus our attention at strengthening. As it is now we have some who are economically and politically driven to creating weak links throughout our society for their own personal motives. It must be put to a stop and only those who are directly capable of leading through honor should be given that right. Our citizenry are at a crossroads with the decision of our lifetime. Do we appease the existing paradigm of ignoring honor and allowing unfettered deviousness control our futures or do we take our responsibilities and duty to forge ahead with what we citizens know to be right and change what we know to be wrong. if we keep our eyes on the principle of equality we will know what we must do.

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