Thursday, October 2, 2014

The folly of hate (#2071)

My passions are better served on the enlightened, not the ignorant. I can control how I think about whatever happens in life, regardless of it's nature. I don't have to fall back into old paradigms of self-centered consciousness, instead I can focus on the new paradigms of all inclusive species possibilities as innovation and technology through knowledge continue to be revealed. I know that my enlightened viewpoint is a gift for me as I see all around me others who cannot or will not struggle for a more comprehensive understanding. I don't hold a grudge, hate or belittle their inability to grasp their own future with both hands. It is not a favorable application of my time nor my inner peace. Instead, what I try to do is continue my own comprehensive journey through time and space with as much passion for learning about what I know/don't know to the best of my abilities, while clumsily hoping that what I think and say will have an impact on those who are not me. It is all on me to be the best me that I can be and not my duty to be anyone else. I cannot hold resentment nor negative emotional feelings about anyone who does not help themselves with their own journey. It is on them but I can be as wise and example driven as possible. If I didn't care about our species none of this would matter so don't think that I have some ulterior motive for wanting to see everyone succeed with their gifts in life. I have a passion for our species to attain a level of living that reflects the best of our behaviors without the inverse proportionality of our worse behaviors. I don't know why I would care other than the foundation of my blog in general, that we all have two distinct natures. We care and we wonder. I think I spend most every waking second of my life either caring about something/someone or wondering about everything else I either know or don't know. It is who I am and if others are as similar to me as I think, then others spend approximately the same amount of time doing as much. There is no time for hate since it does nothing to help us along in life.

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