Friday, October 31, 2014

Thieves at the door (#2100)

The current Republican party is not a party of compassion nor care. They have replaced those basic instincts with a callousness to humanity that has it's roots in barbarism. They come across as souls that have the illusion of our interests at heart but their policies are not making the connection. In fact, their policies are anti-democratic. What it says about our public intelligence will soon be shown in the next four days. We have a national general election then and who is allowed to lead our nation will ultimately be decided. Either our President and fellow Democrats or a obstructionist democracy eroding Republican party. It is my hope that generally, common sense and gut intuition will prevail and give the Democrats and our President a Congress sufficiently acquiescent to his vision. On the other hand, the possibility exists for a Republican controlled Congress that will spend the last two years of our President's term not legislating. The idea that we would vote in Republicans who have done little to nothing for our economic recovery as a reward is to me mind boggling. The logic of the dissonance displayed by people voting for Republicans is not comprehensible. I can only conclude that the deep rooted prejudices of racism and fear have infected our society so much so that the evil of it may never be treated and cured. I am at a loss as to how in the world our great nation has been decayed in such a way. Our nation has always tried mightily to stand for equality of opportunity and the liberty for all to participate and for us to fail now is a scourge on our generation to be felt for the lifetime of our history. I keep waiting to wake up from some bad dream that has us pitted against each other in ways so anti-democratic it is a nightmare. I choose to think in four days I will find that we as a collective body will reject the selfishness advocated by Republicans and will help send our President a Congress that wants as much as he does to move our nation back into an honorable leadership role, for our nation and the world at large.

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