Monday, November 10, 2014

Ignorance is triumphing over logic (#2110)

When harmful ideology is valued to a greater degree than helpful ideology then we have what we have here in America. A reality that is in the process of turning from having a hopeful vision for our collective future to a nation that has turned in on itself. Gone are the days of collective agreements on fundamental issues. Now we are in the era of self loathing with little hope that we can lift our citizenry up to an example to be admired. Instead of leading the world into what could be an amazing future we Americans are more interested in ironical ignorant bickering over what equal rights we should allow each other. A nation founded on the principle of democracy is now becoming a nation founded on the principle of wealth idolatry. We have turned our economic system of capitalistic consumerism into a belief system that has as a dogmatic tenet an untouchable, even heretical, stance against modification. Thou shalt not regulate or require minimum standards other than to let the open market determine viability. Instead of using logic within our government representation to form and adapt the pathway consumerism should follow, the existing forces demand that the free market and it's profiteers should be the ones who decide what is best for our citizenry on whole. Instead of democracy having it's say as to how our society should operate there are those who think that a few wealthy souls should have their advantageously amplified voices heard above the many less vocal who have little ability to amplify. In other words, the squeaky wheel gets the grease maxim. We have done this to ourselves and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have taken the good intent of our founders and allowed, through a lack of participation in our duty to vote, the erosion of their vision. As we Americans continue to ignore how our future is being manipulated by the wealthy the further we get from having the right to correct it.

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