Sunday, November 30, 2014

My inner child's eyes (#2130)

I learned soon enough that it was impossible to have everything they way I wanted things to be when I was a young child. Yet that initial feeling of possibility at the time has never left me. Not because I want to rule the world or have every advantage and privilege come my way, but instead because I wanted everyone to have fun and live good lives. Anywhere I saw a lack of leadership I knew inside me that I had to step up and take that role. Everything was possible! We were and are free human beings from another living sovereign and what we could make of ourselves and our society was limitless. What I had come to be aware of is that we are all not such nice and good people inside. We put ourselves first in selfish ways that do nothing to enhance the living experience of all of us nor do we find that happiness is a priority. There is a cruelty that has permeated too many of us that feels the need to lord over others for some ego driven purpose. A cruelty that justifies itself in any possible way despite the perceived logic of it not being correct. In my initial take on existence I saw a world where we were all bright eyed and willing to challenge ourselves to fill in the gaps where pain and suffering could be eliminated. I saw a world that challenged us to do what was right and good despite the effort and consequence needed to accomplish it. We are all leaders here in this existence because we are all unique to each other. None of us is useless to making our world a wonderful place. I know the feelings of despair and injustice and why anyone would defend the continued existence of despair and injustice is not in my understanding. Leaders lead with a goal of succeeding for what ever purpose we all know is right. We are not here in existence to be punished, on the contrary, we are all here to be celebrated. Why is it that we cannot have a society that reflects what is best about us instead of our current one that punishes us for non-logical reasons? My inner child is still within me and he continues to know that what was possible back when I was young is still possible but how do we get to it?

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