Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The American facade (#2126)

We need to do better at telling truths than we are doing now. It seems that truth telling is less important than a priority. We, as a nation, must find a way to move our country forward in the most honest way. There is no shame in being honest. Surely our thoughts and acts at times carry shame but hiding them is worse than not hiding them. We move forward when we are honest. Moving forward is how we leave behind our continuous cycle of bad behavior and intentional harm to each other. There are serious problems in our country and in the world generally and if we cannot discuss it with an agenda of being honest about it then we will never get to the solutions we have at our ready. The old paradigms of self interest above community must end. We need to stop living only for our own personal benefit. The relief that comes when people find it within themselves to be honest about how they feel about honor and caring for others is tremendous. We are just an eyelash away from realizing a better society. We need strong leadership from those who have benefited the most from our existing society in order to elevate it to a higher moral ground. We don't need to be pampered like babies in order to survive well in this world. yet all around us there are many millions who need our help and we turn a blind eye to them. It starts with each of us and grows outward until we all think and act as if we are the benevolent ones and not just waiting for others to start before us. Our country is still finding it's identity and although we are not what we seem we very well have the motivation to be. We are a melting pot of world identities and as such we generally represent the world's understanding of the realities of our time. We must break out of the commercialism we are currently consumed by and start to matter to not only the improvement of our own behavior but how we can positively affect the behavior of others.

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