Friday, November 28, 2014

The awakening (#2128)

That moment when you realize the first part of your life is over and now you get to build from it to make something you can be really proud of. A sort of realization that things are what they are and the only way for things to get better is for you to make them so. I know I kept waiting for things in my life to get better without me being the one to do the work. I had the illusion that others would do the work for me for no reason other than they should. Talk about living in a fantasy world! A sense of privilege built up around the idea that I deserved more than anyone else. That I was special and as such should be treated above and beyond regular normal people. I think this is how Republicans must feel since they act as if others are less important than themselves. I grew out of my childhood fantasy but they obviously have not and are now immature children masquerading as mature adults. I keep trying to figure out how these right wing people can be so callous while calling themselves Christians. It is either that they are purposely gaming Christianity to their own benefit or that they are unaware just how ridiculous they see the world. Either way we are all paying the price for their misadventure and it's effects on us. It usually takes a dramatic situation for the cold hearted conservative movement to "awaken" to why we liberals have such a strong bond with the idea of community. It is because we have either been callous and cold hearted in the past and have matured to being a better person or we had always been caring and compassionate toward others. Republicans see this as a weakness and until they are exposed to their own personal tragedies and weaknesses they will continue to lord over the rest of us with their wealth and power.

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