Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where cruelty and harm are allowed to exist (#2120)

Yes, this is what the Republican party has come to exemplify. Yet we as an American electorate are unable to stop there mad rush to even more cruelty and harm. Those who are not yet affected by their destructive policies are ambivalent to their strategy, however like all slippery slopes, the time will come for them to feel the effect of austerity and inhumanity. I tried so very hard last election to warn of the consequences of letting Republicans off the hook for shutting down our government and turning their backs on the NOT wealthy. Yet we as a society refused a call to action at the voting booth. Only about 1 in 3 of us registered voters actually showed up at the polls and the ones who did show up were overwhelmed by the Republican minority that have ulterior motives to their actions. Our great nation will in time see the folly of allegiance to a Republican party bent on destroying the engine of our nation's success, namely the middle class, but it now appears that we will only happen in the future, not the present. I wrote in yesterday's blog about how we seem to need to be in a desperate situation before we will act to help ourselves and I am still of the same mind about that. We will have to endure at least 2 more years of an austerity push and an inhumane coldness about the worse off in our society, and hopefully the necessary level of desperation will be achieved to wake voters up to their obligation to vote. The day of reckoning will come I do have faith in that but in the meantime we have allowed Republicans to continue to treat we American citizens as less than honorable. I fear that the coming days will show us just how hard Republicans are willing to make the NOT wealthy pay for being unable to be as wealthy as the current wealthy. How have we allowed this to happen? This is just an embarrassment that stains our lives and will be looked upon as a dark chapter by the future of our society.

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