Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More than just ourselves (#2161)

I like being alone and in being alone I am content. However, I need people in my life. I have had the privilege of meeting so many outstanding souls who have taught me how to live with dignity and respect. I have a set of honorable principles I have established within me that will not allow me to be an underhanded harmful person. In my past I had lived in a reckless cavalier way that brought me to task too many times. The embarrassment and humiliation I felt were direct results from my behavior by my choice. Some of it was from trial and error and the normal ways we all learn lessons. But too much of it was self will without rationalizing the consequences. I acted in my own self interest without gauging what effect that would have on others. , Having reached my bottom I eventually came to my senses and realized that if I didn't establish honorable parameters in my life I would never be the man I had always hoped to become. I wasn't too late for me and neither is it for any and all others. Life is about more than just me, lesson number one. I am fortunate to be alive. I know it for a fact. My earlier reckless behavior had many opportunities for me to have finished myself off through my ridiculous actions. How fortunate for me to have survived my own ridiculousness while luckily surviving what the outside world throws at all of us in some form or fashion. Yet here I am today, always ready to treat others like I would want to be treated. Giving respect unconditionally until it is abused or brushed away. I can only live my life and be me, I cannot be anyone else nor make their choices for them. Hopefully the road to finding an honorable life will not be as rough for you as it was for me. But in the end if you do achieve becoming the type of person you always thought you could be then well done.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The conscience of America (#2160)

No one can tell me that the majority of us want to see continuing misery, here in America nor anywhere else on Earth. It is inhuman to think that we can put aside our compassion, yet every second that ticks into the future we fail to create a societal policies that address the ending of human misery. We seem to think that ignoring misery is an acceptable cost of doing business. Where capitalism is the mighty one value and all other values must fall into place in hierarchy behind it. The contradiction here is telling since those who would have us follow this current path have little concern for the suffering of others but immense concern over their own ability to avoid the same suffering they choose to ignore. Blindly leading each other anywhere profit will take them. The salve of wealth is their comfort and their own comfort is their ultimate goal. It is a survival of the fittest mentality in the 21st century where information and creative innovation are at our beck and call. Instead of taking scientific advances and putting our societal problems at the fore for solutions, too many of the wealthy have taken a different tack, to turn from altruism and walk into the fantasy of greed. I take myself for example when considering how to alleviate misery instead of lining my pockets. I choose to be a friend to those who would respect friendship. I choose to help others who respect the help and I choose to give what I can, even if I go without when I see a greater need. Life is really easy to understand. Do what you can for yourself and others but never in unequal terms. We are all in this together and since I have matured to become a human with understanding I see the historical wrongs carried over from our past that are not being corrected. I take it upon myself to involve myself in rectifying this unacceptable reality. The American conscience is the solution to ending human misery, shall we all work toward that?

Monday, December 29, 2014

What is the utility of logic? (#2159)

Logic allows us to differentiate truth from fallacy. First let me begin with how we use logic to tell if someone is truthful. For example, if I say that a rock is a rock, you can be absolutely certain that I am telling the truth. If however I say sandstone is a rock, you may need more information before accepting that sandstone is a rock, based upon what qualifies as a rock within the family of known rocks. It is still true that sandstone is a rock but not as an absolute on the face of it. This is how we are able to distinguish facts based upon observation, experimentation and classification. Why is it important to distinguish facts? It is because we base our reasoning, analyzing and concluding upon facts. If not, we could say that the sky is orange juice and accept that as fact if we were not concerned with facts. What I present here is basic and simple logic but from here we can see that logic has a function within our society that is highly important. It allows us to accept certain givens from which we all can begin from. There is no logical argument against established facts without evidence that logically shows the facts to be incorrect. It is a fools errand to continue to say that the sky is orange juice when we can readily prove that the sky is generally clear air with mixtures of atoms and molecules as it's makeup. I bring all this up as a way to say that we cannot accept statements of opinion without knowing the foundation for those opinions being factual. Just because I may want something to be so does not make it so no matter how much I need or want it to be. It must pass the test of logic and to even a lesser extent common and intuitive sense. Our early education systems must start out with how we derive our facts so that all our children and younger adults may learn many formulas of logical equations as tools for researching and understanding just what information they are being given is factual or fallacious.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why I am a Democrat (#2158)

Because first and foremost I have compassion. I care that our problems are harmful and need to be addressed with the understanding that human misery should not be part of the equation. This is the single most different vision I have with Republican politics. That I care to end the institutional inequality we have allowed through law to exist which is mainly promoted by conservative capitalists, and supported by Republican politicians, who are driven more by their own greed than they are by the health and welfare of our whole citizenry. Stopping it is another reason I am a Democrat. I am for national policies aimed at not only lifting our poorest and most disadvantaged out of their existing misery but to also give them the chance to raise their children with greater access to knowledge, through schooling programs they are able to attend, and health and welfare programs aimed at allowing them to move beyond their current meager and hopeless existences. I go on and on about how bad Republican policies are and their complete lack of empathy to the existing problems. Republicans are about having a greater society, but they have no remedy for those who get left behind. We Democrats are about leaving no one behind and while we continue to forge ahead with science and logic, we also reach back with a hand outstretched to help along those who were not given the same opportunities to succeed. We Democrats know we have a duty to make our society right and ignoring the wrong that has already taken place is a Republican strategy, not a Democrat one. So while Republicans think we coddle the poor, we know we are not allowing them to fail without offering hope. Democrats aren't concerned so much with profit that we are willing to leave poverty as a status quo. Instead we are more willing to have less profit if poverty is addressed and alleviated with real life solutions. This is just part of why I am a Democrat. My curious nature about all that I don't know is another reason but for now it will have to wait for another blog posting.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Enough with the racism! (#2157)

Racism is only a means to instill fear. That is it's purpose. So those who use racism, whether overtly or with ulterior motive are employing a strategy to divide us in order to attain a hidden agenda. It is a ploy, a nefarious harmful ploy to distract us from what we share in common. Do not allow yourself to choose to believe that some races are better than others, We are none of us better, in ways different, but in more ways we are all the same. The only major difference we can see is the shading of our skin. That is it! So how does the melanin level our skin produces to protect us from ultraviolet light differentiate us as humans? It shouldn't! So any and all racist embracing is due to biases and prejudices created solely for the purpose of advantage and control. It is dastardly human behavior to subject individual human souls to less than equal with any other individual soul based upon melanin levels. Our bodies produce the melanin level to survive, a natural defense mechanism process. That our bodies can do this is proof that we are unique and therefore elegant proof that the whole of human species is exceptional. We all contribute to the amazing human experience and any attempts to subjugate or fetter ourselves based upon differences within our species is self defeating solely for the purpose of gaining advantage and privilege at the expense of others. Will our species continue to allow such behavior? For now it seems that we here in America will be less concerned with eliminating institutional racism and instead continue to promote policies that further strengthen institutional racism. It is clear enough in our lack of sufficient effort to raise living and educational standards and improve economic opportunities for our most vulnerable and historically impoverished citizenry while giving too much resource and service to the wealthiest in our society. This is so troubling and despicable that I cannot and will not respect any who turn a blind eye to finding an honorable solution.

Friday, December 26, 2014

American cynicism, cheat to succeed (#2156)

Too many studies show that our American educational system is not working very well in it's intent to actually teach our students. It is all about the grades and not about the lessons learned about historical facts nor the processes that involve comprehensive calculations, rather the lesson learned is to get the highest grade. Personally, I watched it happen in my own studies when I was in school and then later in college. Students would go to the teachers or their parents would and grades would somehow be elevated in most instances. Promises made or persuasion put to bear were the gist of the pressures for making it happen. Later in college, many students would go to the teacher's aides who were often in charge of grading tests to elevate the grades based upon after the fact arguments. I heard several which solely consisted of the damage done by a lower grade to the students grade point average and the awful effect it would have on that students ability to get into a select graduate program. I never took advantage of this type of leverage in that I wanted my own efforts in the testing process to be fair to not only me but to the other students I was being compared with. Yet, like clockwork, many who initially got the same grade as myself later bragged at how they were able to manipulate their grades into a higher percentile. I often felt cheated by this behind the scenes process but nevertheless I was content enough in my own honor. So now we have students who are less informed about the subject and more informed about how to manipulate the process. You can see for yourself how this alone is enough to degrade professional knowledge. This is at the higher levels of learning and even worse is the elementary education we are not providing as a basic foundation for too many who get left behind. No wonder too many children turn to alternative methods, such at the underground economy and black market, for their often fleeting economic security. It is known by many yet we don't do the reforms needed to stop it. Cheat to succeed seems to be our gift to the world.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The right wing conservative Republican march to destroy our Democracy (#2155)

Democratic principles have no place in the minds of the right wing who are all about wealth. Wealth has overtaken the high ideals of democracy by a greedy selfish lot who are rhetorically bound to the survival of the fittest doctrine. They already have advantage and privileges so for them now to say that we should be responsible for our own failures without questioning the nature of those failures is to their advantage. Instead of moving forward toward a democratically enlightened society, much like our founding fathers/mothers envisioned, today's right wing conservative Republicans choose to alter our society so that the advantages they have built upon unfair economic and educational systems are protected from competition. The very competition they hypocritically advance through twisted capitalistic theory. The old saying of them wanting their cake and eating it too comes to mind. These right wing conservative Republican cowards are just that, cowards! They are willing to destroy our democracy and it's principles of equality of opportunity and fairness for all to participate just to protect their greedy selfishness. How fearful they must be of the rest of us to have chosen such a desperate attempt to protect themselves when no real enemy exists. Just how greedy do you have to be to allow yourself to be associated with such poor examples of our species? I would suggest you stop your blind allegiance to those who profess a superiority over others based upon factors of intolerance and diversity. I would also suggest you find enough courage within your ever decreasing soul and do something about it. Become an example of humanity by doing what is right and defend democratic principles wherever they are being stomped upon. Reverse your course of ignoring harm and stop defending those who are the perpetrators of the harm. Otherwise you are just as culpable as the ones who set out this cursed right wing conservative Republican agenda.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The value of my time (#2154)

I want to make something very clear. If you have a wrong opinion about what is right for our society I will let you know and prove it with facts. If you still do not care to accept facts as evidence and continue to carry your wrong opinions as what is better for our society I will cut you off from me without any hesitation. I have but one real weapon in the war on facts and truths and that is my time. My time is the one value I can deny to those who refuse to look comprehensively at our society and the one value I can share with others who do see our society through objective eyes. Now it may seem harsh to let go of folks who are caught up in their own ignorance and many would say that I should be patient with them and let them mature to a greater understanding. I would like to be able to do that but the history I have been experiencing shows me that if I appear to be enabling their poor outlook I am also not helping them attain a higher level of understanding. So cut them off I do and that is my gift to them. I won't tolerate those who have less toleration for others than they have for themselves. If hard love is the vessel to achieve a cure then so be it. I am not given to frailty when considering my own costs for ending relationships. It is just a cost I will bear in order to uphold a larger need. The buck has to stop somewhere with someone and in my life it stops with me. I am not some know it all or an ego driven soul. I am however cognizant of how facts tell us our truths. Denying facts because they are inconvenient or painful is no excuse and no one in my life will be allowed safe harbor from this reality. If I end up alone and devoid of family and friends then so be it. We all have a decision to make about what is honorable and good and until we all cross that threshold into practicing what we know to be true then we are part of the problem of the mass confusion and advantage taking some are more than happy to exist within.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Greed and selfishness, an American obsession (#2153)

Being greedy and selfish are not virtues. They are indicative of ignorance. Whether ignorance chosen or by default, ignorance regardless. I look around me and I see so much poverty yet too many chose not to look around themselves. Instead they chose to ignore reality and instead chase the illusion of commercialism and grandeur. I don't chase commercialism or grandeur yet I do buy things that I need. Not what I have to have from a fevered desire, but from a foundation of necessity in order to survive without great comfort attached. Because I do see the poverty around me and those who have little to nothing who are not living with much dignity or respect, have even less than me. It isn't their fault that our economy is rigged to make us into automatons in order to participate in it. It is our failing that our fellow citizens are not prepared to live in an artificial world we demand they live in. We cannot blame them for their plight. What we can do is stop being so greedy about how we share the resources of our society. There are takers and receivers in our society but it isn't the poor who are the takers, it is the wealthy. For they care less about others than they care about themselves and any and all resources they can get their hands on is just them doing what they see is right. There is only so much resource on our planet and when only a few control the majority of it then we all suffer for our lack of inclusion. Poverty is a symptom of a society that is out of balance with honorable principles. If there is one area that one could look at to see the health of a society it is in how we treat our less fortunate. Here in America it is clear that our health is in distress because greed and selfishness are not just cynical defaults but have become fashionable. We distress ourselves for the luxury of illusion when instead we should be experiencing our true natures of caring and curiosity.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A strong hand (#2152)

We have laws here in America that seem to apply only to those who cannot buy, influence or otherwise skirt the protocols necessary to justly enforce them. It is a shameful thing since justice is supposed to be blind as to all diversity of culpability. Apparently we have two justice systems, one which is propagated as equal in it's application and the real one where power and wealth may nullify any application of justice. The old "do as I say and not as I do" mentality. Advantage and privilege will unfortunately always be with us it appears and never so clearly does it show itself as when the advantaged and privileged are not equally bound by our judicial system. A crime is a crime and no amount of empathy or convoluted reasoning will ever change the simple fact of wrongdoing. It is inevitable that those who can afford to game our judicial system will continually do so unless we stop the utility of wealth and power as factors in determining guilt. Much like money is not speech and corporations are not people, wealth and power do not make one immune to the law. Where a crime is proven by the facts there should be no safe harbor from the guilt nor the punishment, other than in sentencing where our societal compassion for extenuating circumstances are intuitive. Guilt is guilt and no amount of turning the other way because the guilt sheds shame on all of us should ever be allowed. When we give no quarter to those who defy our rights and privileges to make law against that which includes dishonorable behavior, we set the proper example that no human being has the right to dispensation above another, regardless of advantage, rank or privilege. We must prosecute those who break our laws as a means to validate that we truly are a democracy that values equality above favoritism. We are stronger individually for our holding to our principles and our collective society will reflect that.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My hierarchy of being (#2151)

First and foremost I am a human being. Nothing else is above this and all of the complexity of my Earthly humanness stems from my biological, emotional and reasoned being. Second and the most philosophical attribute of how I think is I am an American. I honor the virtue of democracy and all it's equal opportunities that could and should be unbreakable law. Third I am a believer in something greater than myself. Not sure what that something greater it is but is greater than me and for that my humility is my reward. I do not get caught up in the arguments of the day about how my belief system should be my first priority. I am alive today and therefore not subject to expectations about the future of me after I am no longer here in this existence. I can only live while I am alive and after, when death comes, I will have an opportunity to either know what that is like or not. In the meantime, there is much to do with creating a better world for living in the present and democratic principles to refine and implement. My life will be judged by how I live, not by what I want to believe. So my being human is and always will be the greatest opportunity for me to experience. My humanness is living among those who also live to be the best human they can and to help those humans who are less able to help themselves regardless of where they live on our planet. Being an unofficial ambassador for caring and wondering is simple enough and although simple, it is sorely lacking on a global scale. The scope of my being an American is founded upon freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A society that honors and respects all of it's citizens is as a noble venture for a society that I can imagine. No other form of rule is greater than self rule. We have problems here in America with our economic and social philosophies but overall our society is close to being a shining example for the rest of the world to be proud of. As to my spiritual acceptance, it is a work in progress that I will less likely ever be able to define.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Everything lives from it's heart (#2150)

It doesn't matter what species of animal we are talking about, everything, lives from it's heart. We are not machines, that is the difference, we are biological beings that can understand survival and peace. often we are under self induced emotions like fear far too much but regardless, even fear comes from the chance we will lose what good our hearts reveal to us. I don't know why we have to make life so hard on ourselves. It is probably due to being born into systems that are so imperfect that we are unable to see the larger picture. Even when we do see the larger picture it overwhelms us with it's chaotic complexity. I would hope that eventually we would rise up and reorganize our society to reflect what is the best emotionally for us instead of what has us on edge fighting with each other. The Universe and it's mysteries are our common link to gather together and understand, not this constant illusion of difference that keeps us separated and leery. What may bother us the most, humans that is, is that if we don't have to look at what we do to the non human species then it justifies our treatment of shame to each other. We are the masters of this planet and how we treat other biological forms is the real test to how emotionally healthy our society really is. We are like children without a conscious when it comes to respecting all life here on our planet. We even go so far as to disrespect our planet and it's life nurturing and sustaining properties. Everything has it's limit and again, like spoiled children, we fail to recognize the signs because we continue to want without paying the true cost of our wanting. The Ostrich is emblematic of just how we treat problems that take us from our comfort zone. We generally bury our heads instead of facing our fears and realities. Our love for each other and our love for all biological species here on Earth should never take a back seat to our own ignorance nor cruelty. Everything lives form it's heart is how I see all life and with that a maturity about our nature should allow us all to grow up and start acting like the worthy masters of this planet.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Passing along our knowledge we received and built upon (#2149)

When our President said that we didn't build our success alone, paraphrased, he meant that without those who came before us and accomplished what they did and passed it along to us we would be without the success too many think they accomplished on their own. Understanding what our President said is an easy enough logical conclusion except for those whose egos are so great they cannot fathom it. Our species has survived and thrived because we built civilizations that catered toward passing along information and public works throughout the generations. Think about this and I have said this many times over the course of this blog, that we are all biological data processors. We have our five senses and our intuitive minds to analyze, reason and conclude with. We are all curiosity probes in search of intelligent information throughout the course of our lives. It is what we are built for. If you are wondering what your purpose in life is there you have it, to learn and pass along. The whole foundation of our civilization is premised upon creative and innovative imaginings coming to fruition. Anything that stunts this universal objective of every living soul is an agenda of ignorance and species failure. You wonder why I rail and battle so hard against those forces that would strip enlightenment from us and replace it with something that is meant to keep us harnessed and fettered. I won't allow it while I am alive since I know this much about me, I am no prisoner to ignorance. I will not allow my life to be shared for one minute with the forces that keep us bound from our nature to discover. I, and many like me, are not satisfied with fear guided paradigms that rebut boldness and the pioneering spirit we all have within us. I won't speculate why there are souls out there who would deny the true human nature their own souls cry out for but I won't justify any part of their misguided and human nature crushing agendas.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Put others before yourself (#2148)

We all need enough to survive on and a bit more to try to enjoy life as we know it. However there has to be a limit to what we think we need. I have learned through trial and error that my great wishes to have the best car or best house is not what is good for me. I need what is sufficient to keep myself safe and secure. That's it. What is safe and secure for me? I get out and talk courteously and respectful with others so that they will do likewise with me. It is amazing how much good in life there is out there when you give respect and dignity to others in an honest way. That is the life I see in our society, not some imagined greedy society that many fearful ones wish to portray. The greed of materialism is out of control right now given the huge income inequality some few Americans have over the overwhelming majority of Americans. It is not because somehow these few wealthy Americans are better than the rest of us, it is a combination of things that are either earned through merit but mostly through privilege and advantage. This constant cycle of wealth inequality will continue until we all get the vision that it is wrong and are willing to accept that we all only live for a short time and with that, living should be a respectful duty to share our opportunities with each other. Some will always have more than others given our physical abilities, metabolisms and internally driven motivations but as things are currently most of us are not allowed to compete or attain our dreams on the same level as with others. It is an embarrassment to civilized thinking and a bane to our species' heritage. I always start with sharing my smile with those I come into contact with and it is amazing again just how crucial my smile is in establishing a bond or link with those whom I meet. Once the smile has been given it is simply easy to follow whatever comes next and how I think and react toward putting others before myself.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Don't run from fear, I was taught to run at it."-Cameron Diaz (#2147)

It just so happened that I saw a clip of an interview with the actress Cameron Diaz yesterday and I saw her make this paraphrased statement. I would usually never have watched an entertainment interview but I was changing channels and then got distracted long enough for this part of the interview to air. I was struck by her insight, gained through her family teaching her this understanding. You would have thought that some war hero or mighty champion would have uttered the phrase. Cameron Diaz said her folks taught her that if you run from fear, that fear will catch you and jump on your back and crush you, but if you run at the fear you have a much better chance of defeating it. The implications of her comments go infinitely beyond her ability to overcome obstacles she has faced in her acting career. It is a noble time proven paradigm that knowing you are afraid and yet facing that fear and moving forward despite it applies to every situation and circumstance we find ourselves. I started this blog because in my being I know that we have two natures that are irrepressible, compassion and curiosity. We must as a living breathing human being allow these natures to guide our lives throughout our existence and when we let fear stop us from following these pure natures of ours we are less than human in our totality. Fear is a mindset of not knowing. If we know more about what fear scares us we becomes less fearful because we have moved toward understanding the fear. I have no doubt in my mind and soul whatsoever that the human species is the most remarkable amazing species that has ever existed. We have moved forward from our first fears of consciousness to a place where now not even the vast expanse of the Universe can contain our curiosity. Don't run from fear, run at it. Well said Cameron.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Economically conservative and socially liberal is in opposition with each other (#2146)

I hear this all too often about how people are economically conservative while being socially liberal. My view is that you have half the necessary qualities to register as a human. Why do I think that? Because if you are economically conservative then you support the Republican party and it's austerity paradigm of government that is not here to help it's citizens, only to control them through massive military and police forces. That is in direct contradiction with being socially liberal. If we are to be an equal and just society we cannot ignore the current inequality that has become the reality of our "gamed" economic system. It is almost nothing more than lip service to say you are socially liberal when the economic policies you subscribe to are disenfranchising and impoverishing the many who are further removed from attaining equal standing. It is nonsense to think you can choose to hurt folks with economic policies that favor the wealthy while saying you sympathize with those who are not like you and are much poorer. I think people say they are socially liberal while being economically conservative to try score brownie points as a way of transferring the from the real harm of austere policies. They cannot hide behind their false proclamation that they are socially liberal when their economically conservative polices continue to crush those same social liberals. Beware those that claim both labels because they cannot be both. Most who choose to be economic conservatives cannot separate themselves from their other conservative roots. It is a mindset of fear that something or everything will be lost. It is an isolationist mindset that would prefer to think in simple black and white terms instead of the complex gray terms the rest of us liberals recognize. If the majority of our citizenry prefers to think in the unenlightened simplex then fine but don't lie about it to make yourself look better because it only makes you look worse!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Economic conservatism and it's downfall (#2145)

No doubt we are learning this harsh lesson through the austerity that the Republican party finds to their favor. Notice how it is always some gaining an advantage over the many? When will we Americans collectively see that the idea of greed is a cruel and brutish reality for our society. Only a few can possibly succeed in being the wealthy so unless we also have provision for a thriving middle class the only result will be the few rich and the many poor. What could possibly go wrong in a world where the wealthy move among themselves while the poor are left to stir in a hopeless pot of discontent? It is a particular shame these days that economic conservatism is embraced more as a cudgel to cause harm through our hidden biases and prejudices. Yet the opposite is the reality. Our biases and prejudices are exposed through the disingenuous application of economic inequality. Everything stems from either honorable principles or devious ulterior motive. It is easy to spot which is which by the effect each occurrence has on the totality of our society. If everyone enjoys a modicum of success then the practice of the moment is worthy. If only a few enjoy a modicum or over proportional amount of success then the practice is either meant to solve an ongoing historical injustice or there is greed at play. If we are truly a democracy then our government should reflect that and start all of us from at least a basic starting point. Some advantage and privilege will always be intertwined within our society because some of us have greater merit in our activities than others but until we are all given the same chance to succeed we will never achieve giving everyone a real opportunity to express their own self and communal worth. Economic conservatism guarantees income inequality as well as a broken society separated by a bridge too far to cross.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Civilization is being undermined by the greed of profit (#2144)

When a society is willing to forego improving itself because it would rather horde it's advantages among the wealthy then we have reached the point where civilization as a whole is being replaced as a desired future. Here in America too many of the wealthy have disengaged from everyday society and live buffered from those who are not their economic equals. Our society has not only problems with race and religion, but now even more so we have problems with economic integration. The trend to segregate is increasing as civilization becomes less a purpose. Those who have great wealth are secure in their circles of having optimum resources for learning and interacting while the rest of us not so well off are left to fight over the diminishing public advantages previous generations of Americans fought to enable and preserve. The link that kept the wealthy and the rest of us connected is steadfastly being severed. That link being our middle class and the upward mobility the middle class previously celebrated as a necessity. Today, the Republican party has churned it's supporters into a thought process that denies community as an ideal and instead promotes only individualism as a value. Our democracy is being pummeled by a vanguard of greedy capitalists who despite their wisdom in commerce show a true lack of wisdom about history. Many before them have tried to segregate out a subset of humans as elite and then tried to crush the rest who were not in that subset. It is a warrior mentality born from the misguided understanding of survival of the fittest. Our human species is the whole set when discussing survival techniques and all of us are important to that philosophy, not just some of us who mange profit.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We lessen the pain by caring (#2143)

We all know that this existence is painful a lot of the time. Not too many go through life with just a happiness most of the time. We are always challenged by forces mainly outside our control. So the right and good thing to do is to care about what is happening with us. Not just ourselves but others as well. Regardless of the poor choices we make we must allow for others to try to be a part of our lives. As well as we must not turn our backs on others because we do not condone their choices. Life is difficult enough when we are alone and if we then compound that loneliness with further alienating ourselves from each other we are only making matters even more difficult. It is amazing how many times that someone has come into my life and had some great solution for me to work toward in order for me to improve from my existing dilemma. If we can find a way to trust each other on some level we can then build upon that and see if we can't be part of a solution in someone else's life. I say this because our society is wrenching rightward toward and isolationist stance not only nationally on the world stage but it is also affecting our communities as we continue to avoid and disassociate with each other. The fear that is, is being manipulated to exist from little substance is part of the blame but also the lack of effort we all should be making to understand each other is lacking. We are just humans trying to get along and have some type of happy life without having to wear bondage in some trying form. I should not have to be beholden to anyone except out of a choice based upon a sense of honorably deserved duty. None of us should have to ask a "by your leave" from anyone as long as we are doing right by ourselves and others. When we integrate our lives as we should we should also find our individual and community pain lessens as well.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The slow death of the compassionate American society (#2142)

America has changed it's outlook on how it deals with the less fortunate. Instead of creating a society that secures the future of all of it's citizens to at minimum a basic right to exist, Americans in their voting patterns are now willing to stop being compassionate toward it's own citizens and have chosen to let any and all live or die on their own efforts. A strategy by Republicans to reflect a policy that has little to no heart in it. A very cold and calculating philosophy of survival of the fittest where advantage and privilege go to those who can afford it. Not a society just based upon merit but the ability to be cunning and devious in most all ways to achieve it. The current ambivalence in our voting patterns also suggest that selfishness is the new milieu. It saddens me and also strikes an anger within me that such callousness could be the product of centuries of struggle to attain a free and enlightened society. We have been hijacked by a capitalistic commercialism that has effectively nullified our founding principles of democracy. When the idea of one being more important than the many, as the case is now, the dominant determination then is that we are no longer we. Instead of being Americans we are just an American who lives in proximity to other Americans as long as they can fend and survive for themselves. Not a welcoming society but a society based solely upon the idea that you are just a resource to be used and discarded once squeezed of all utility. Profit is the new model for life and although I still hope that equality and fairness may someday make a comeback I am not encouraged at this writing. Capitalism is an economic subset of commerce, yet we have allowed the masters of capitalism to infiltrate our democracy as a replacement for our democracy. When capitalistic corporations become people and money is their voice you can be sure to know that being human is less a commodity than you think.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The advantaged blaming the disadvantagd (#2141)

I am sick to my soul with our current political and voter dynamic. The narrative of it is someone else's fault has been forwarded relentlessly until people actually start believing it. We have a major political party that has no intent to help those they were elected to serve unless you only consider the wealthy. This Republican political party has dishonored the proud tradition of democratic representation of all it's constituents to only representing the moneyed class. What is even worse is that now these Republican politicians are blaming those they were elected to help for their own inability to find help. It is an insane reversal of job description. These politicians think that they are the moral and economic compass for everyone and that it isn't their responsibility to effectuate change that would in anyway cause the wealthy one cent of their ever increasing disparate wealth. Yet the masses of we continue to vote on the idea that the Republican party is the best party to represent our needs. It makes no sense, none whatsoever. So to find out why the simple logic of a political party to harm the majority of it's citizens is acceptable we must look deeper into the strategy that Republicans employ to convince us they are more suitable to our needs. Blaming. They blame several parts of our culture and rekindle bias and prejudice to do it. Republicans are adept at misdirection. If we were to look at the great achievements of the liberal philosophy alone no one but the intentionally greedy would ever vote for Republicans. So Republicans blame the poor for being a drag on the economy, they blame African Americans for causing fear among the white race. They blame immigrants for stealing jobs. They blame the old, sick and lame for not pulling their own weight. By stoking some deep seated prejudices Republicans have effectively diverted attention away from what we all can do together to what we all could hate about each other. Unfortunately for our American society, It seems to be working.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our failings can be reversed (#2140)

Our failure to exercise our right to vote can be reversed simply by voting in the future elections. Our failure to recognize our own complicity in making life more severe than it has to be can be reversed simply by taking some time to understand which political party represents whose interests. Spoiler alert, Republicans represent the wealthy class while Democrats represent the middle and poorer classes. Our failure to see that education is a necessary and vital part of our maturing process can be reversed by standing and voting with Democrats who want more access to education than do the Republicans who are working to restrict access to education. Our failure to understand that health care is a basic human right in any civilized society can be rectified by standing and voting with the party that wants us to have that human right. Democrats work to provide health care while Republicans are working to end health care for most of Americans right now. Our failure to see that retirement for our senior citizens is a basic human right within a productive civilized society can also be maintained by voting for Democrats who are working to not only keep Social Security safe but to enhance it, while Republicans are pursuing tactics that would lead to the end of the idea that our society should protect our seniors. Our failure to recognize that students at higher learning institutions are being economically crippled with insurmountable debt by profit driven forces can be alleviated by standing and voting with Democrats who are working to lower and even trying to eliminate the need for loans to go to college. Republicans on the other hand are backing the profit seekers at the expense of our future generation's knowledge. Our failure to implement an immigration policy aimed at repairing a national disgrace of harm and despair is being addressed by Democrats in every way they can while Republicans continue to do nothing to allow a current system that punishes and leaves families broken. You decide.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Knowingly causing our own destruction (#2139)

We humans know through science that our interactive activities with our environment and our climate specifically is causing an adverse effect on the planetary biological growth we can sustain here on Earth. We know this as a truth. There is no denial of this fact that can logically be offered. Yet we continue to deny to ourselves this basic truth. The reason? Profits made from using dirty energy are too enticing. Much like the mythical call of the Sirens, it cannot be ignored. So off we go as a species to damage what we call home. I suppose there are many who are currently denying the science that are contrarily gambling that some, get this, scientific breakthrough will be able to reverse our headlong fall into the abyss. Some scientific breakthrough, although we choose to ignore science that is telling us to stop our current crude industrialization, that will wipe away our harm just before the day of reckoning comes due. Surely it will be someone else who discovers this hoped for miracle as the rest of us are way to busy living off the success the commercialization trade off of our future is presently affording us. I for one am again quite disappointed in our species by the fact that a less intellectual and less knowledgeable soul like myself has to keep warning the many who don't give it much thought. When I am part of the clarion call it proves to me anyway that the rest of us are a dismal failure in the most basic of survival instincts. That being conscious of our own demise and not only doing nothing to stop it but actually making the onset of our demise happen sooner. I am getting closer to my last days in existence so therefore I am not the one who will be most hurt by our current insanity. However there are a couple generations after me that will be effected and for them not to be at the forefront of screaming form the rooftops for a stop toward a certain death spiral and new solution that is actually currently available is on them and being so they are doing little to help themselves.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why do we defend what we know is wrong? (#2138)

For the life of me I am confused as to why we Americans are so afraid to do what is right. We continue to side with forces that have no interest in our welfare and prosperity. They only want to take advantage of our labor and the environment. It is obvious to me and as such, since I am nothing if but a simple man, must be obvious to many others as well. Is change for the better such a fearful idea that we cannot rally ourselves to it? I am beside myself trying to understand. There is no reasoning I can think of that would make voting to keep forces in public office that continue to add weight to our already heavy middle class seeking burden. It is an absolute conundrum that hurting ourselves even further is not only the real possibility but the preferred choice. Unless, since the solution is to hurt ourselves the question must be do we want or need to be punished? I can only assume that the logic that gets me to this analysis is most likely true, per Occam's razor. Our lives since most of us were born has been on an unequal scale of justice. Anything that may haunt our psyches must be weighed against the unfair system we were raised in. It is the changing of the system from one that only values, a scorched Earth mentality with privilege and advantage that has caused most of our own failings, not our intent, that is needed. Yet for the most part many of us still do not see that it isn't us that is the problem, it is the powers that be who continue to leverage the unfair system to remain and thwart efforts to improve what we all know on some level to be wrong. The wealthy are not all bad actors but too many of them are and for them the rest of us are just metaphorical cannon fodder. This must stop and the only way it will is to stop electing those who are willfully suppressing the middle class and allow for changes in policies that not only enhance the middle class and reverse income inequality but also weaken the wealthy from their lust for greater control of our lives.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A life wasted on fear (#2137)

Fear of danger is a normal response to a real trigger. Not a mental construct of imagining. Too purposely think and behave out of some imagined fear is childish and immature. Much like a child who thinks there is a monster under their bed. For grownups to utilize this is a character flaw akin to not having the courage of their own vision. Those who can be easily scared are those who have no hope or dream of their own. When I am motivated by my goals or pursuits there is no time in my life for others to intimidate me with their scary illusions meant to stifle my ambitions. Sadly, there are too many out there who have ulterior motives to keep most of us from achieving success that may diminish their already privileged advantage. Now that may sound like sour grapes complaining but on the contrary, we do not teach each other how to be successful, instead we hide the ball of information from each other so that only some may know how to navigate success. To keep us from demanding the knowledge we need to survive well in a modern society the privileged that now control the complicated levers of power here in America are working hard to otherwise scare us from fear inducing "boogeymen". I am tired of it and have been railing against the wretches who are responsible. No doubt I am putting myself out there as a straw man who may be blown down with the next imitation of wind. Regardless, I am tired of this. Why exist just to be a tool or a puppet? Not I. The great and mighty ideals of democracy and community need to be fought for against those who only see their ego driven will as worthy of existence. I am no hero but I am no coward. I will not live in fear because fear is not real unless there is a real danger present. I won't let a false mental construct be the illusion that determines my destiny.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Science and religion can go hand in hand (#2136)

I am of the scientific bent and although logic and science are my base for understanding I can also appreciate how others may find themselves drawn to religion as their base. With science we get to apply our curiosity to the unknown and investigate it based upon reason, analysis and conclusion with a logical protocol. A step by step approach that follows common sense and enlightened thinking. With religion we get to apply our faith in the unknown to have a purpose of guiding our lives in common sense ways that are designed to lift up the human spirit and keep us focused on our duty to each other. Taking the best of what each paradigm has to offer, it is sensible to see how each can bolster the other. I look at the Universe in total as my sovereign whereas the religious look at a God as theirs. Both can be the same in that our Universe is vast and everywhere much like the God who the religious put their faith in. Science seeks to teach us how our surrounding environment operates in conjunction with other surrounding environments further displaced. Religion seeks to teach us how we operate within our surrounding environments in conjunction with how we operate with each other further displaced. Both try to be instructive in general ways that give us guidance in our own personal unique lives. We take what is best of the knowledge we receive and make it a part of who we are. An imperfect system but still better than any chaotic one we have had in our short history. I like that faith in a greater being brings us security and safety that nurtures us when we are fearful. It is comforting to have the faith that a father figure is always with us keeping our hearts in his hand. It is also comforting to know that our bold curiosity about our Universe and it's scientific ramifications can be scientifically and logically theorized and turned into creative and innovative applications. We are a complex species so no limited amount of complexity in our lives should be allowed to restrict us.

Friday, December 5, 2014

No excuses, we choose! (#2135)

If we are racist it is because we have chosen to be. If we are cruel it is because we have chosen to be. If we don't care about others who are suffering it is because we have chosen to not care. There is no way out of being responsible for our choices despite the numerous and varied complicated attempts to shirk our blame. Blaming those who feel the sting of our choices is cowardly and beyond contempt. Helping others out of their destitute is the proper response. Those of us who have the ability to do something positive, which is every single one of us, have a duty to do so. Why? Because it is what humans do! If you want to be something other than human then continue on living in an illusion. There is no escaping who we are. So when I see others who are blaming everything under the sun for their actions I am angered. The excuses roll out of them like a waterfall. Nothing they have done is their fault. They wish the rest of us to believe that they are better than the rest of us and we should just take them at their word. I cannot and will not associate with nor allow them around me, those who see others as their problem. The only ones with a problem are the ones who cannot treat others with dignity and common respect. The ones with a problem with others are the ones who have no dignity themselves. They have no inner code of honor that is measurable. They will always be the victim regardless of the circumstance or situation they find themselves embroiled in. It sickens me that such cowardly ones have so much influence in our society. A breed of cowards has taken to blaming others for their own lack of courage. I for one am ashamed to be of the same species with these awful ones. It is a stain that steals from our humanity and leaves the rest of us with less optimism than we should have. The time for making our choices with conviction and without blaming others is here and those who continue to fail at the call will continue to get my building wrath.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Everything matters! (#2134)

There is nothing too insignificant. Every detail matters in so many aspects of our lives that none of our time should be wasted not addressing and improving them. These words come out of me and I know they are right yet my own life has been a poor example of them. Just because I have been a failure at too many things does not justify me not telling the truth. I have to do better and so do we all. I come across to myself as a hypocrite who has allowed himself not to be right in all things and now is declaring that we need to be right in all things. My life is not an example of that. Yet I cannot in good conscious keep silent about what I now know to be absolutely true. All of us have failed at too many things but that does not give us the right to accept failure without fighting for success. Accepting failure as a luxury is intolerable. Nothing in life gives us that right. Everything in life is a struggle to survive and prosper. We cannot allow a our negative or fearful thoughts to rule our reality. We must utilize our thoughts to strengthen our will to be better human beings in all things. The nature of humanity is a comprehensive product based upon our infinite ability to progress. We have no limitation that can stifle us for any extended length of time. Even our environment is bending to our will, good, bad or indifferent, it's true. As time continues and we add to the hierarchy of our knowledge through a constant of generationally passing down our creative imaginings and innovations to each other, more of our Universe will also bend to our wills. We are the most remarkable species in existence to date and nothing should ever stop our destiny from continuing. What can stop us though is our own careless disregard for all things. We cannot overlook any aspect of consciousness that we can grasp. Everything matters in the larger panoramic scope of things and knowing that and adjusting our thoughts and attitudes toward that will only enhance our ability to go out beyond our current understandings.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My nephew Aubrey's novel (#2133)

I didn't do my normal routine on the Internet yesterday because I spent most of the day reading my nephew's novel. He sent it to me several months back and I had lost it in my email for awhile and then yesterday morning stumbled upon it. So since I had been remiss in reading it in a timely fashion, and it raining and overcast most of the day I had the perfect opportunity to immerse myself into reading. I was pleasantly surprised at how I was being drawn into the fictional story by the way my nephew wove the characters together with the plot line. I also found myself getting emotional about the nobility of the honorable principles that highlighted the story throughout. I did not see this coming. I was captivated by his insightful usage of human emotion intertwined with the reality of the story. I admit I wasn't expecting much since my nephew had not previously been known to me to have such writing skills on this level. I have read hundreds of books, many of the drama, mystery and intrigue variety, so I am well accustomed with what a good novel reads like. I am here to say that my nephew has crossed that threshold with me. There was little that my imagination did not comprehend. His usage of detail in a way that didn't crowd out the action was in harmony with my own ability to see a picture of what he was painting in word. Not an easy task to complete with me. He also used principles of honor throughout the story that uplifted my spirit. Now that is quite important. I am not one who likes to read about failure unless that failure evolves into an honorable purpose. Purpose, that is the key word I would use to describe the heart of this story my nephew has cleverly portrayed. I know when I have been moved by something by the way I continue to think about it. Today is yesterday's tomorrow and here I am still positively invigorated by how I was influenced by my nephew's novel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Living in the truth (#2132)

I have tried that lying paradigm. It didn't work out too well for me. Like the Republicans of today, lying when faced with an uncomfortable truth is their modus operandi. I know this so well since I tried to lie my way out of every situation that did not benefit me somehow. The problem I had and what Republicans have now is that I lost all bearing on the comprehensiveness of things. I couldn't remember the sequence of my lies so that I could properly defend them. Instead, I was exposed as a liar and thus was shunned or punished for being a bad person. I was humiliated after a bit and decided that lying was never going to be a strategy that made me feel good. I remember it so well, like it was yesterday. The thrill of fooling people to get things from them or others was addictive. I was never my true self during that stint of time because I didn't know who I was. I was as artificial a human being as one could be. Eventually though my lies were so numerous that I couldn't keep track of which ones I told to whom. The best part of all of that was that when I finally said enough of this lying I was able to just stop and go about the business of admitting I lied whenever I came across one of the lies I told. It was very humiliating but it was therapeutic to cleanse my mind of the foul stench in my soul that I had created. Once I realized that being honest and truthful about how I live and think is the best strategy for life, I needed to change my life. For one thing if I was going to live in the truth I needed had to find some honorable principles to help guide my actions. I could not continue to dishonor myself by living in deceptive behavior regardless of how honest I was about it. I don't know why I strayed from being a good decent honest person. Maybe I was afraid to be an example of how to do things right. Maybe I had an addictive personality back then that needed to be exposed, examined and rehabilitated. Regardless of why, I am here now a much better person for having survived my own frailty.

Monday, December 1, 2014

My animal family (#2131)

One thing in the second act of my life has been consistent. Since the early nineties I have had either both, or separately a dog and a cat that has been my responsibility to care for. I have been single my whole life and except for a short time when I thought I was a father, have been childless. No marriage in my life as well. So the only lives that directly affected me were my animal children. I have a big heart so treating my animals any less than I would human children is unthinkable. I know, how can I equate these little furry friends of mine like real human beings? It is easy for me since they are more vulnerable than humans and need protecting and care just the same. Over their short lifetimes I have had to deal with some of their passing on and the pain and sorrow of their loss is just as strong as the pain and sorrow I feel for my family members who were close and have also passed on. Suffice it to say, my little animal children are a strong emotional attachment to me. I often sit and just reflect on the ones that have passed and it brings about a bittersweet feeling. I remember with fondness some of times we shared and the images in my mind that are recollected. I also remember the last moments of their lives and the pain that still scars me with. It has gotten better over time. I don't tear up like I did when they first left me. But that they had such an impact on my life is never worth hiding or discounting. I loved them for their being and for the loyalty and desire to be around me almost constantly. It means I was doing right by them and they were showing me their approval. I have my two little ones now who are no different than the ones before and I am humbled by their presence. They have had numerous chances to slip off and go out on their own but when I notice that and still find them close enough and looking at me I know deep down that they are where they want to be.