Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Economically conservative and socially liberal is in opposition with each other (#2146)

I hear this all too often about how people are economically conservative while being socially liberal. My view is that you have half the necessary qualities to register as a human. Why do I think that? Because if you are economically conservative then you support the Republican party and it's austerity paradigm of government that is not here to help it's citizens, only to control them through massive military and police forces. That is in direct contradiction with being socially liberal. If we are to be an equal and just society we cannot ignore the current inequality that has become the reality of our "gamed" economic system. It is almost nothing more than lip service to say you are socially liberal when the economic policies you subscribe to are disenfranchising and impoverishing the many who are further removed from attaining equal standing. It is nonsense to think you can choose to hurt folks with economic policies that favor the wealthy while saying you sympathize with those who are not like you and are much poorer. I think people say they are socially liberal while being economically conservative to try score brownie points as a way of transferring the from the real harm of austere policies. They cannot hide behind their false proclamation that they are socially liberal when their economically conservative polices continue to crush those same social liberals. Beware those that claim both labels because they cannot be both. Most who choose to be economic conservatives cannot separate themselves from their other conservative roots. It is a mindset of fear that something or everything will be lost. It is an isolationist mindset that would prefer to think in simple black and white terms instead of the complex gray terms the rest of us liberals recognize. If the majority of our citizenry prefers to think in the unenlightened simplex then fine but don't lie about it to make yourself look better because it only makes you look worse!

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