Thursday, December 4, 2014

Everything matters! (#2134)

There is nothing too insignificant. Every detail matters in so many aspects of our lives that none of our time should be wasted not addressing and improving them. These words come out of me and I know they are right yet my own life has been a poor example of them. Just because I have been a failure at too many things does not justify me not telling the truth. I have to do better and so do we all. I come across to myself as a hypocrite who has allowed himself not to be right in all things and now is declaring that we need to be right in all things. My life is not an example of that. Yet I cannot in good conscious keep silent about what I now know to be absolutely true. All of us have failed at too many things but that does not give us the right to accept failure without fighting for success. Accepting failure as a luxury is intolerable. Nothing in life gives us that right. Everything in life is a struggle to survive and prosper. We cannot allow a our negative or fearful thoughts to rule our reality. We must utilize our thoughts to strengthen our will to be better human beings in all things. The nature of humanity is a comprehensive product based upon our infinite ability to progress. We have no limitation that can stifle us for any extended length of time. Even our environment is bending to our will, good, bad or indifferent, it's true. As time continues and we add to the hierarchy of our knowledge through a constant of generationally passing down our creative imaginings and innovations to each other, more of our Universe will also bend to our wills. We are the most remarkable species in existence to date and nothing should ever stop our destiny from continuing. What can stop us though is our own careless disregard for all things. We cannot overlook any aspect of consciousness that we can grasp. Everything matters in the larger panoramic scope of things and knowing that and adjusting our thoughts and attitudes toward that will only enhance our ability to go out beyond our current understandings.

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