Sunday, December 21, 2014

My hierarchy of being (#2151)

First and foremost I am a human being. Nothing else is above this and all of the complexity of my Earthly humanness stems from my biological, emotional and reasoned being. Second and the most philosophical attribute of how I think is I am an American. I honor the virtue of democracy and all it's equal opportunities that could and should be unbreakable law. Third I am a believer in something greater than myself. Not sure what that something greater it is but is greater than me and for that my humility is my reward. I do not get caught up in the arguments of the day about how my belief system should be my first priority. I am alive today and therefore not subject to expectations about the future of me after I am no longer here in this existence. I can only live while I am alive and after, when death comes, I will have an opportunity to either know what that is like or not. In the meantime, there is much to do with creating a better world for living in the present and democratic principles to refine and implement. My life will be judged by how I live, not by what I want to believe. So my being human is and always will be the greatest opportunity for me to experience. My humanness is living among those who also live to be the best human they can and to help those humans who are less able to help themselves regardless of where they live on our planet. Being an unofficial ambassador for caring and wondering is simple enough and although simple, it is sorely lacking on a global scale. The scope of my being an American is founded upon freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A society that honors and respects all of it's citizens is as a noble venture for a society that I can imagine. No other form of rule is greater than self rule. We have problems here in America with our economic and social philosophies but overall our society is close to being a shining example for the rest of the world to be proud of. As to my spiritual acceptance, it is a work in progress that I will less likely ever be able to define.

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