Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our failings can be reversed (#2140)

Our failure to exercise our right to vote can be reversed simply by voting in the future elections. Our failure to recognize our own complicity in making life more severe than it has to be can be reversed simply by taking some time to understand which political party represents whose interests. Spoiler alert, Republicans represent the wealthy class while Democrats represent the middle and poorer classes. Our failure to see that education is a necessary and vital part of our maturing process can be reversed by standing and voting with Democrats who want more access to education than do the Republicans who are working to restrict access to education. Our failure to understand that health care is a basic human right in any civilized society can be rectified by standing and voting with the party that wants us to have that human right. Democrats work to provide health care while Republicans are working to end health care for most of Americans right now. Our failure to see that retirement for our senior citizens is a basic human right within a productive civilized society can also be maintained by voting for Democrats who are working to not only keep Social Security safe but to enhance it, while Republicans are pursuing tactics that would lead to the end of the idea that our society should protect our seniors. Our failure to recognize that students at higher learning institutions are being economically crippled with insurmountable debt by profit driven forces can be alleviated by standing and voting with Democrats who are working to lower and even trying to eliminate the need for loans to go to college. Republicans on the other hand are backing the profit seekers at the expense of our future generation's knowledge. Our failure to implement an immigration policy aimed at repairing a national disgrace of harm and despair is being addressed by Democrats in every way they can while Republicans continue to do nothing to allow a current system that punishes and leaves families broken. You decide.

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