Friday, December 19, 2014

Passing along our knowledge we received and built upon (#2149)

When our President said that we didn't build our success alone, paraphrased, he meant that without those who came before us and accomplished what they did and passed it along to us we would be without the success too many think they accomplished on their own. Understanding what our President said is an easy enough logical conclusion except for those whose egos are so great they cannot fathom it. Our species has survived and thrived because we built civilizations that catered toward passing along information and public works throughout the generations. Think about this and I have said this many times over the course of this blog, that we are all biological data processors. We have our five senses and our intuitive minds to analyze, reason and conclude with. We are all curiosity probes in search of intelligent information throughout the course of our lives. It is what we are built for. If you are wondering what your purpose in life is there you have it, to learn and pass along. The whole foundation of our civilization is premised upon creative and innovative imaginings coming to fruition. Anything that stunts this universal objective of every living soul is an agenda of ignorance and species failure. You wonder why I rail and battle so hard against those forces that would strip enlightenment from us and replace it with something that is meant to keep us harnessed and fettered. I won't allow it while I am alive since I know this much about me, I am no prisoner to ignorance. I will not allow my life to be shared for one minute with the forces that keep us bound from our nature to discover. I, and many like me, are not satisfied with fear guided paradigms that rebut boldness and the pioneering spirit we all have within us. I won't speculate why there are souls out there who would deny the true human nature their own souls cry out for but I won't justify any part of their misguided and human nature crushing agendas.

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