Thursday, December 18, 2014

Put others before yourself (#2148)

We all need enough to survive on and a bit more to try to enjoy life as we know it. However there has to be a limit to what we think we need. I have learned through trial and error that my great wishes to have the best car or best house is not what is good for me. I need what is sufficient to keep myself safe and secure. That's it. What is safe and secure for me? I get out and talk courteously and respectful with others so that they will do likewise with me. It is amazing how much good in life there is out there when you give respect and dignity to others in an honest way. That is the life I see in our society, not some imagined greedy society that many fearful ones wish to portray. The greed of materialism is out of control right now given the huge income inequality some few Americans have over the overwhelming majority of Americans. It is not because somehow these few wealthy Americans are better than the rest of us, it is a combination of things that are either earned through merit but mostly through privilege and advantage. This constant cycle of wealth inequality will continue until we all get the vision that it is wrong and are willing to accept that we all only live for a short time and with that, living should be a respectful duty to share our opportunities with each other. Some will always have more than others given our physical abilities, metabolisms and internally driven motivations but as things are currently most of us are not allowed to compete or attain our dreams on the same level as with others. It is an embarrassment to civilized thinking and a bane to our species' heritage. I always start with sharing my smile with those I come into contact with and it is amazing again just how crucial my smile is in establishing a bond or link with those whom I meet. Once the smile has been given it is simply easy to follow whatever comes next and how I think and react toward putting others before myself.

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