Thursday, December 11, 2014

The advantaged blaming the disadvantagd (#2141)

I am sick to my soul with our current political and voter dynamic. The narrative of it is someone else's fault has been forwarded relentlessly until people actually start believing it. We have a major political party that has no intent to help those they were elected to serve unless you only consider the wealthy. This Republican political party has dishonored the proud tradition of democratic representation of all it's constituents to only representing the moneyed class. What is even worse is that now these Republican politicians are blaming those they were elected to help for their own inability to find help. It is an insane reversal of job description. These politicians think that they are the moral and economic compass for everyone and that it isn't their responsibility to effectuate change that would in anyway cause the wealthy one cent of their ever increasing disparate wealth. Yet the masses of we continue to vote on the idea that the Republican party is the best party to represent our needs. It makes no sense, none whatsoever. So to find out why the simple logic of a political party to harm the majority of it's citizens is acceptable we must look deeper into the strategy that Republicans employ to convince us they are more suitable to our needs. Blaming. They blame several parts of our culture and rekindle bias and prejudice to do it. Republicans are adept at misdirection. If we were to look at the great achievements of the liberal philosophy alone no one but the intentionally greedy would ever vote for Republicans. So Republicans blame the poor for being a drag on the economy, they blame African Americans for causing fear among the white race. They blame immigrants for stealing jobs. They blame the old, sick and lame for not pulling their own weight. By stoking some deep seated prejudices Republicans have effectively diverted attention away from what we all can do together to what we all could hate about each other. Unfortunately for our American society, It seems to be working.

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