Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The conscience of America (#2160)

No one can tell me that the majority of us want to see continuing misery, here in America nor anywhere else on Earth. It is inhuman to think that we can put aside our compassion, yet every second that ticks into the future we fail to create a societal policies that address the ending of human misery. We seem to think that ignoring misery is an acceptable cost of doing business. Where capitalism is the mighty one value and all other values must fall into place in hierarchy behind it. The contradiction here is telling since those who would have us follow this current path have little concern for the suffering of others but immense concern over their own ability to avoid the same suffering they choose to ignore. Blindly leading each other anywhere profit will take them. The salve of wealth is their comfort and their own comfort is their ultimate goal. It is a survival of the fittest mentality in the 21st century where information and creative innovation are at our beck and call. Instead of taking scientific advances and putting our societal problems at the fore for solutions, too many of the wealthy have taken a different tack, to turn from altruism and walk into the fantasy of greed. I take myself for example when considering how to alleviate misery instead of lining my pockets. I choose to be a friend to those who would respect friendship. I choose to help others who respect the help and I choose to give what I can, even if I go without when I see a greater need. Life is really easy to understand. Do what you can for yourself and others but never in unequal terms. We are all in this together and since I have matured to become a human with understanding I see the historical wrongs carried over from our past that are not being corrected. I take it upon myself to involve myself in rectifying this unacceptable reality. The American conscience is the solution to ending human misery, shall we all work toward that?

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