Thursday, December 25, 2014

The right wing conservative Republican march to destroy our Democracy (#2155)

Democratic principles have no place in the minds of the right wing who are all about wealth. Wealth has overtaken the high ideals of democracy by a greedy selfish lot who are rhetorically bound to the survival of the fittest doctrine. They already have advantage and privileges so for them now to say that we should be responsible for our own failures without questioning the nature of those failures is to their advantage. Instead of moving forward toward a democratically enlightened society, much like our founding fathers/mothers envisioned, today's right wing conservative Republicans choose to alter our society so that the advantages they have built upon unfair economic and educational systems are protected from competition. The very competition they hypocritically advance through twisted capitalistic theory. The old saying of them wanting their cake and eating it too comes to mind. These right wing conservative Republican cowards are just that, cowards! They are willing to destroy our democracy and it's principles of equality of opportunity and fairness for all to participate just to protect their greedy selfishness. How fearful they must be of the rest of us to have chosen such a desperate attempt to protect themselves when no real enemy exists. Just how greedy do you have to be to allow yourself to be associated with such poor examples of our species? I would suggest you stop your blind allegiance to those who profess a superiority over others based upon factors of intolerance and diversity. I would also suggest you find enough courage within your ever decreasing soul and do something about it. Become an example of humanity by doing what is right and defend democratic principles wherever they are being stomped upon. Reverse your course of ignoring harm and stop defending those who are the perpetrators of the harm. Otherwise you are just as culpable as the ones who set out this cursed right wing conservative Republican agenda.

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