Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The value of my time (#2154)

I want to make something very clear. If you have a wrong opinion about what is right for our society I will let you know and prove it with facts. If you still do not care to accept facts as evidence and continue to carry your wrong opinions as what is better for our society I will cut you off from me without any hesitation. I have but one real weapon in the war on facts and truths and that is my time. My time is the one value I can deny to those who refuse to look comprehensively at our society and the one value I can share with others who do see our society through objective eyes. Now it may seem harsh to let go of folks who are caught up in their own ignorance and many would say that I should be patient with them and let them mature to a greater understanding. I would like to be able to do that but the history I have been experiencing shows me that if I appear to be enabling their poor outlook I am also not helping them attain a higher level of understanding. So cut them off I do and that is my gift to them. I won't tolerate those who have less toleration for others than they have for themselves. If hard love is the vessel to achieve a cure then so be it. I am not given to frailty when considering my own costs for ending relationships. It is just a cost I will bear in order to uphold a larger need. The buck has to stop somewhere with someone and in my life it stops with me. I am not some know it all or an ego driven soul. I am however cognizant of how facts tell us our truths. Denying facts because they are inconvenient or painful is no excuse and no one in my life will be allowed safe harbor from this reality. If I end up alone and devoid of family and friends then so be it. We all have a decision to make about what is honorable and good and until we all cross that threshold into practicing what we know to be true then we are part of the problem of the mass confusion and advantage taking some are more than happy to exist within.

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