Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A moral compass (#2174)

Guided by morality and virtues. We must all have one. It is imperative that we find within ourselves that which makes us the best of who we are. We all know that we can be scurrilous human beings if we choose to be. But we also know that being a scurrilous human being is contrary to our better natures. We all would rather be heralded for our courage and valor than be humiliated by our cowardice and our fear. So it is with our morality. Having no morals in guiding your life leaves you exposed as a fraudulent human being who has only a sociopathic sense of reality. There is no honor in that. But when virtue is established within yourself as your moral compass, you will find that more often than not you will be held up as an example by those who see your efforts, whether your efforts are successful or not. It is in the how we act out our comprehensions that reflects our inner strengths. Indeed, even more so is the choice that was made to be a morally driven human being that eventually shines through. There is a pathway to wisdom but wisdom will only come once we remove our own shady side from the equation by subjecting it to the mastery of virtuous thinking. I have wondered off the pathway of a life guided by a moral compass and all I got in return was confusion and frustration. Not to mention the harm that always comes from not putting myself in check from my own God like ambitions. I am no God and no one else is either. I am just a member of the species human being and although I am only one I am still relegated the duty to utilize what possible magnificence I can achieve. It is incumbent upon me to maximize my effectiveness within our community that not only brings honored principles from my actions but to also speak out when others have chosen to dishonor those very same honored principles. Do no harm is the first virtue we all must adopt, from there we add more until we are the best who we initially thought we could be.

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