Friday, January 30, 2015

Another milestone (#2191)

This post today completes the 6th year of posting this daily blog. Tomorrow will be the first day of the 7th year. I like to stop for a moment just to recognize why I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to let the world know that our humanity is based upon two main factors, compassion and curiosity. In other words, we care and we wonder. Nothing has changed over the years that would make me reconsider my original premise. If anything my premise has been reinforced to being a conclusion based upon all the experiences and information I have come across. Surely we have a darker side to our nature but I chalk that up to whatever we needed to do to survive as a species. Survival has always been an outlier from care and wonder so I do give it a dispensation that allows it to be a third factor but less than compassion and curiosity. However I digress, getting back to the point of the purpose of this blog, I find that as this 6th year is coming to an end I am still full of purpose and ambition to write about the subjects that most enhance or distance us from our greatest potential. I will continue to write about the majesty of our species as well as the disgraces. Somewhere in there most of us live and if I can change one person's thoughts on why we need to be a more noble species then a hundred years of writing would be worth it. I see great things ahead for our species, not just in a nationalistic sense but in a planetary sense and beyond. I am of the mindset that the Universe is our next great exploration and the sooner we focus our attention efficiently on it the better and more human like we will become. We are biological data processors with memory and reasoned conviction, with the ability to evolve. What greater purpose than exploring our Universe is there?

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