Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blinded by our fears (#2190)

Never will anyone readily admit that they are blinded by their fears yet you look at their actions and then you see the hypocrisy. Being alive is not definable yet too many act as if they are settled into a consciousness that has all the answers. It must be nice to give over our will to believing something as fact without having any proof. As sort of default to help us along against our fears. Now being afraid is common to all humans but what is uncommon is how we address our fears. I prefer to face my fears head on with the knowledge that my right to be a curious individual supersedes anyone else's right to dictate to me what if any curiosity I can employ. I find it fascinating that any of us would give our free will, to be bold and courageous throughout the tenure of our lifetimes, to unproven theories that have little to do with reality. It is also puzzling that we would hold tight to mores and traditions that are meant to scare us into submission rather than scoffing loudly and dismissing them. I suppose it is easier to accept restricted compartmentalization over the whirligig of uncertainty but then we recede from our possibilities without any benefit other than a perceived alleviation of some fear. It is like creating a disease for ourselves and then paying a cost from ourselves to remedy it. A futile waste of time and energy to go backwards. I am not of that type and instead of being afraid of life in general I am one who celebrates my life by learning new things and being open to knowing what is now unknown to us. I expect that we humans are greater than our present state and have yet to tap that potential because we hold ourselves back out of fear. But instead of admitting we are afraid, we design a protocol for holding ourselves back based upon some unproven theory. Childish at best and fearfully ignorant at worst. Either way the effect has limited us to being less than what we can and should be.

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