Friday, January 16, 2015

Greed is a choice (#2177)

Making it so that you can get away with being greedy through law or through deception does not make it right. Just because something is legal does not make it right. It is still dirty if it harms many to the benefit of the few. Much like our capitalistic system today. The more you can game the system to increase wealth the more you are respected by those who are playing by the same corrupted rules. Meanwhile, those who choose to live a right and good life are mostly left without. It seems that not having a sovereign over us is a bad thing because we keep proving that we are incapable of controlling our own greedy instincts. This is just one symptom of a sickness within our society that will be part of our own undoing. Nothing that is rotten inside is viable for long. We should know this but we fail to inculcate the lessons of our past into our present and future. The desire to participate in a society that lies, cheats and steals is not attractive unless one has no ethical foundation. Eventually the populace of such a society will dwindle to the point where the best it has to offer is less than a good person can stand. Our body politic is sick now with a power and wealth hungry agenda while seizing every opportunity to blame the less fortunate for all the current problems facing their unkempt, disjointed vision. Our democracy here in America is at stake and for that we all should be wary of those who see inequality and segregation as the way froward. If we don't stop supporting policies that inflict harm instead of good on our populace we will have been the generation that failed all the previous generations in advancing toward a more perfect union.

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