Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hope is a start but it is not enough (#2162)

I entitled my blog Man of Hope and surely hope is the key to our future. But in reality, hope is just the beginning. Hope is what we envision for our future, a new or continuing paradigm that cannot exist without effort. It is the effort that makes up the more than just hope part. I foresee nothing different than many like minded souls like me see, less harm and more understanding. It is easy enough to know that both are attainable but not unless all of us want it as well. There are far too many who could care less and they feel that despite all evidence they are more important than greater societal goals. What I would say to them is that when we focus on greater societal goals instead of just individual goals we all stand to improve our lives, not just a select few. Now still they would say that none of us should be dependent upon another, yet that is wrong since we all are or were dependent upon others throughout our lives. We do not exist within a dual reality where we are supreme in one and separate in the other. It is a bit of an ego trip to think that we are solely independent from others while we take and give with each other all day and night long. You don't have to be a philosopher or a psychiatrist to know that holding two opposing points of view as true, at the same time, is illogical. But it seems that being illogical is preferred if it gets us what we want. Now that is selfish and deceitful all at the same time. Yet here I am not unlike many like me who continue to hold onto hope as our beginning while still too many choose to ignore hope and choose to do nothing or even worse increase harm and decrease knowledge. I will continue to hope with all my soul but I also will continue to call out the ones who oppose hope for their own blinding avarice.

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