Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Make a choice! (#2175)

Too many American voters not voting. Why? Because they don't think they need to. Somehow they think things will be fine regardless of what they do. Well that is pure crap. Nothing will be fine until we all get involved. There are too many folks out there who are desperate and discouraged. What is fine about that? I am just seething beneath the surface of my skin's veneer because of the callous disregard of those who could make a difference in all of our lives doing nothing but sitting back making themselves more comfortable than anyone should possibly be. How ridiculous it is worrying about how many luxuries one could possibly amass while too many are without the basic necessities. What kind of person is it that thinks that everything is okay while a majority of American parents struggle to feed, clothe, educate and shelter their children? What kind of disconnect does one have to invent in their own minds for their conscience to subdue their guilt? How can any of us take any pride in our society when our society has lost it's compassion? Is living in the cold hardness of rebuke and condescension so overwhelming a value as to replace the kindness and dearness we should exemplify through caring? How is it that we have allowed commercialism and the chase for the almighty dollar to have superseded our values of dignity and respect? All I know for sure is that it is unsustainable. As our economic inequality continues to grow larger between the few wealthy and the many poor, a reckoning will eventually come to pass. Either through an ethical awakening of our conscious' or a hard battle of our physical wills. Either way a reckoning is coming and if you don't choose now which side you are on and be part of it's occurrence, you will be swept away by it's wake in whatever form you didn't try to understand.

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