Saturday, January 10, 2015

Racism is choosing to be a coward (#2171)

Just hearing the word racism spoken out loud makes me cringe. It is like gutter talk right there with the worst of cuss words spoken in the heat of the moment. Yet too many of our fellow citizens are comfortable with being racist and have learned how to hide the fact most of the time. The problem is is that being a racist is a choice. It is positively affirming that one thinks some are better and some are worse based upon the color of one's skin. Think about that for a moment. The visual shading of one human beings skin is in the eyes of too many is a determining factor as to the value, or lack of value, of another human beings equality. The fact that we are all human beings does not seem to register with these racist folks. Now I know cultural mores have a lot to do with how we inculcate our information over our lifespans but there is no excuse for keeping particular cultural mores that discriminate based upon invalid factors. That is a choice to be illogical. Now how does this illogical thinking get it's argument? The only answer I have for that is fear. Being afraid to confront peer pressure based upon a character flaw is cowardice. It is a character flaw to allow fear to dominate one's choices when we all deep down in our souls know that racism is wrong. We all know it I said, but too many of us choose to embrace it out of fear. Not a mental health positive for our species is it? We are quick to point out flaws in others' character but refuse to recognize the flaws in our own. I still believe that our species is magnificent despite our shortcomings. But my view is that skin color has nothing to do with shortcomings. The only ones with this shortcoming are those who do see skin color as a factor in determining equality.

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