Thursday, January 15, 2015

Staying resolute! (#2176)

No amount of dissuasion from the rhetoric of the right will ever persuade me that right wing conservative policies are better than progressive liberal policies. For one thing right wing conservatives act out of a need to exclude many to the benefit of the few. While progressive liberal policies act of a need to include all whenever and wherever possible. Nothing is perfect but trying hard to include all will always be far superior to those who work to exclude. For another thing, a survival of the fittest mentality embraced by right wing conservatives is regressive behavior that takes our species backwards from evolution. The conservative right wing philosophy of tearing down modernity at every level is asinine and although wrapped in forms of patriotism and religion is still asinine. The progressive liberal approach of embracing modernity and science as our future is enlightened. Enlightenment has given us the great discoveries and creative innovations we are currently enjoying and will continue to enjoy into our future. Our natures are of two major paradigms, to care and to wonder. We care about our species survival and we care about the species that share our planet with us. We also wonder about all the we know and especially about that which we don't know. It is who we are as human beings, which by the way defined by me as we being biological data processors. We have five senses with which to gather information and a mind and soul with which to decipher the information. We use our memories as data banks to influence what and how we act in the orderly progression of our lives. Being a progressive liberal is a natural evolutionary step into a future that holds care for ourselves and others while giving us an outlet to be bold in our discoveries about that which we still need to find/learn.

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