Friday, January 2, 2015

The caretakers of our planet Earth (#2163)

It is we humans who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our planet and all the species that are under our care. We have an awesome duty and obligation to life and our environment. It is humbling to realize that life as we know it is in the hands of our determining. It is also humbling to realize that the very existence of our planet is in our hands as well as subject to the laws of the universe. What is our criteria for establishing protocols? Do we accept the responsibility that our survival instincts have elevated us to? Shall we be an honorable society that takes responsibility for our actions? It seems that generally more often than not we have shown the ability to master our surroundings with a sense of care. But often enough to worry me is our penchant for living for the now instead of preparing for our future generations. I think we can do both, live for the now while also being good stewards of our responsibilities. I am constantly clamoring for us to do so with pointing out the continued selfishness many seem to think is their right to practice without a duty of care for people and places that gave them their nurture. I for one am proud to be a human but proud in the sense that I have been born as a member of a species with ever evolving capabilities. So much so that we are constantly innovating and creating new paradigms which will propel us well beyond our own planet and out into unexplored space. We are in a manifest destiny mode as a species and our destination is everywhere our imaginations can take us in reality. Nothing is stopping us from properly taking care of who and what we have dominion over nor is anything stopping us from showing the universe that our species is an honorable one.

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