Thursday, January 22, 2015

The deafening roar of information (#2183)

How we deal with information we don't want to know. We ignore it like it doesn't exist. I see this question about why voters continue to vote against their own interest and it does occur to me that despite knowing that their interests are not being addressed, they continue to vote for those who won't address them. They find greater comfort in knowing that they are not "the takers", despite the fact that they are mostly the ones who need to be given more. They are convinced otherwise that taking is a bad thing and not a moral imperative. They are shown that those who are the ones who are looking to improve their lives are strange and not "American" by white American standards. They are also schooled that the way things are is good enough and that progress is only a way to make their lives harder. It is an inculcation of illusion and illogical thinking that is being fed to them and they are eating it up with a ravenous appetite. That we have people in our land who are actively destroying common sense and enlightened thinking is bad enough but that those very same people are now trying to set our national agenda based upon lies and misinformation is worse. Hatred for race and government is the new rallying cry and there are still enough white power brokers to stoke the flame of this injustice. I am white as well but for me the color of my skin gives me no privilege or advantage over any other human. Which is why I choose to be politically affiliated with the party that includes anyone who wishes to join without prejudice, restriction nor condescension. Information is what drives my insatiable appetite and not the denying of it but the utility of it. I grow into a more human person every day by taking what I know and applying it to my life as best I can.

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