Saturday, January 31, 2015

The illusion of commercialism (#2192)

As folks around the world are fighting and dying for freedom from oppression and subservience, we here in America and other commercially driven economies are more concerned with which football team will win the last game of the season. The hype surrounding the result of a game is a higher priority here in America then the life and death struggle being waged in too many countries. Does it seem to you that the commercialism of a game has become our national pride? The survival of other humans is an after thought in light of the game. Here is some of what the illusion is telling us. God has ordained who will win. We need to support the advertisers of this game since they are the ones who were able to afford time slots for commercials leading up to the game and during the game. We are showing our American pride by supporting football as a prioritized value. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that time spent on fantasy football would be regularly broadcast on television. The distance at which we Americans will go to ignore and avoid real life danger and courage is infinite it seems. We would rather not care about the principles of honorable survival. I am beside myself with shame that we here in America give little to no respect for our own rights to participate in our own elections which allows for less than honorable candidates to be elected who then turn around and influence the decline of our democracy. As long as we are captured by an artificial importance, like who will win the game, we will not notice how much our democracy is being eroded in the name of profit. That commercialism has us ensnared is the trap that will eventually choke the life out of our democracy. But no matter, as long as we have the importance of a game to keep us otherwise occupied.

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