Monday, January 12, 2015

The importance of being philosophical (#2173)

The reason philosophy is so difficult to comprehend or even understand is that overall there are an infinite possibility of options to choose from. Philosophy has an immense importance in our lives however and although it is difficult to wrap one's head around, it is still a priority to do so. The reasoning behind my opinion, is that philosophy is our foundation from which to build all of our values from. We find the importance in every decision we make grounded in how we view what the world should be like in conjunction with how the world actually is. It is a complex dynamic but then if it wasn't complex, every species on this planet could do it. We are humans and as such are adept at overcoming obstacles through our ability to reason. We all have the capacity within our minds to reason so there is no excuse for any of us not be able to learn how and what we think in our souls is best for our lives and how that effects the lives of others without ever causing harm. That is the tricky part, doing no harm. Although it is tricky it is not difficult to accomplish. A principled saying like do unto others as you would have them do unto you, exemplifies the process required toward living your philosophy in real time. What is even more important than living in real time is living for the future of existence. We are all but limited, biological data processor, time travelers in this existence and it is incumbent upon us to leave this existence in a better way. It honors whatever force of creation that gives us this human time while adding to the comprehensive raw beauty of the overall design. One cannot be more humbled by this experience within existence when one realizes that we are the masters of our time here. I will be the best philosopher king I can be and hopefully the rest of us will be the best philosopher kings and queens as well.

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