Saturday, January 24, 2015

When will we stop Republicans from embarrassing our nation? (#2185)

When will it end? I cannot say how much more of this embarrassing behavior coming from Republican leaders and their followers I can take. I am already walking around with my head down scuffling my shoes so as not to make eye contact with anyone who might have a working brain in their head. For those of us who voted against the Republican vision and lost in the last election, we are being shamed by the lack of intelligence displayed by those who voted for the Republican vision. There is no way to debate the Republicans since they hold logic in low regard. Instead they rely on religion, a faith based belief system, to guide themselves and the rest of us into our futures. Now I am all for each of us having a faith or belief in something if that is what we need but only for ourselves as individuals, not thrust upon our whole society. When we forsake logic and science as lesser than something we hope is true we are demonstrating that it isn't reality we are living in but instead an illusion. I for one am not going to forsake logic and science in order to appease some fear I have about a possible afterlife. Instead I am going to utilize the natural abilities our species has evolved since our beginning and rationalize, analyze and conclude based upon the animate and inanimate. I live here in existence, nowhere else. This is my reality and no amount of wishful or hope filled faith in anything outside our Universe will change that. I am not a God and no one else is either so these folks who are Republicans and their backers need to start living as humans and should quit trying to live like what they think a hoped for God is. I don't profess to believing in anything that is God like, instead I keep an open mind about what reality shows me and right now reality is all mucked up with fearful people afraid to just live like human beings.

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