Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Common sense has to kick in eventually (#2272)

The Republican party has no qualms about keeping women barefoot and pregnant, literally. Republicans support the idea that the purpose of a woman is to be subject to their husbands and if they don't have husbands they are revolting against the Republican vision for our society. That women are still voting for Republicans is what concerns me most. Eventually the common sense of the rights of women as equal with men is going to kick in and then the Republican party will be sent to oblivion. It is the waiting that is torturous to the rest of us for all women to understand that they have fewer rights to exist under Republican policies. I have faith in women though that despite the Republican party attempts to scare and over power women with false ideology and strong arm tactics, women will quit supporting men who only want to use them for their own purposes. Come join the Democratic party women where we treat everyone the same regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief and every other difference we all celebrate. It makes sense to be part of a Democratic political party that wants to improve life in every paradigm without leaving anyone behind. As mothers, women should know that love for our children is not lost on anyone with a conscience. So improving our world so that they may experience and discover their talents is paramount to the success of our nation. Republicans don't allow for tolerance and diversification if it doesn't align with their male dominated ideology. I am a man who knows that every life is sacred, not just men, and thus all of life needs to have a strong advocate to protect that ideal. But my advocacy can only go so far, so the rest of you women who cannot find your way yet to discarding the Republican party and it's shackling precepts, reverse course and see the Republican party for it's less than female equality.

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