Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finally people are waking up to the destruction Republicans are causing to our democracy (#2252)

It doesn't matter what Republicans call their agenda, folks are starting to realize the danger of it to themselves and their community. By slashing government down to just an over sized military and militarized police force, Republicans are effectively crushing our middle class and enlarging our poor class. At the same time that they are reducing our economic opportunities they are also reducing our liberty and freedoms. Taking rights away from specific classes of people is a slippery slope. Once one class of folks can be denied rights it is not a stretch to then go after other classes of folks. If we are to protect our rights we must protect all rights, not just our own. Republicans are also diminishing the truth through their misinformation tactics and their cuts to school funding. if they can keep us in the dark by lying to us and also keep us from critical thinking skills they will further their agenda to not only remain in power but to increase their influence. Republicans have become the anti-democracy party. They instead rely on ultra conservative think tanks for their policy advancements and not the will of their constituents. If voting was applied democratically they wouldn't have much chance of winning elections, but voting isn't applied democratically as Republicans have gerrymandered districts to the point that they cannot lose while also denying voting rights through onerous identification laws and backed by their conservative majority on the Supreme Court. It is hard to fathom that a political party in our country could be so despicable to democracy that it takes a ton of evidence to wake folks up but Republicans have piled high the nasty brutish evidence and many are now becoming aware.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you are correct in saying people are waking up. I have a smidgen of evidence of that in my own FB network, but it seems we are taking very tiny baby steps in correcting the direction of our country.

Man of Hope said...

It would seem that polling is showing that Democrats are gaining in the confidence index by the public while the Republicans are staying stagnant. An increase in the favorability of the democratic platform and President Obama's approval rating is on the uptick. All good indicators that the electorate are seeing the no good coming from a Republican dominated Congress.