Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Focus on solutions not just the blame (#2273)

Solving problems and creating new opportunities is how we make our future better. I know that those who want to point fingers at others for causing problems make a case that all who do wrong should be held accountable for it. I agree but in a prioritized way. Understanding the dynamic of a problem and it's effect on us is the greatest priority. We need to break down how the problem is instituted and how we can change or eliminate the process by which the problem has evolved. Bringing our focus toward an efficient and healthy resolution, we start from a new foundation that gives us all a better chance to succeed. Now I know there forces out there who despite the problems we are having do not want to change from that problem because they have been profiting off of it. However, those who are reluctant or downright stubborn to change must be overruled by the majority of us who see that a current policy or procedures are unsustainable. Logic and common sense must win the day over greed and obstinance. For those who would stand in the way of finding solutions to our problems, they must be dealt with in a manner that evaluates their obstruction. But that is after the fact of solving the problem. There is a bright side to every consideration and the more we implement the best of solutions the more we will be able to satisfy all those who are directly effected. Our society takes great pride in our ability to capitalize and create opportunities that better our society. When the betterment of our society is not the goal then a greed has set in that must be removed. There is too much greed now in our society and it is harmful to the health of our democracy and all of our pursuits of happiness. We must change what we are doing for the wrong reasons and begin doing whatever it takes for the right reasons. It is our duty to improve our society for each following generation and solving our problems today does just that.

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