Friday, April 24, 2015

Giving is such a sweet experience (#2275)

Nothing in life is better than giving when the giving is so needed. It has been the story of my life that whenever I have had a little more than what I need to get by I always seem to find a cause or a person(s) who has a need that I can alleviate just a little bit. The way I have lived a good portion of my life is that I am fortunate to be a big and powerful man who has the dignity and inner respect of myself to want to be a leader who leads by example. I don't command respect or obedience to anything I say or do, instead I look at any situation with a caring and curious eye. That I want the best for all of us is at the heart of who I am so everything I do reflects that inner core of mine. So the idea that I would ignore some things because I don't see a benefit for myself is contrary to everything I am. What I have found is that by leading with the idea of being helpful when I can, I not only earn respect and admiration is small ways but I feel better about who I am. There is nothing in the world quite like feeling the emotion of doing something powerfully helpful even if it is sometimes in very small ways. If I had more resource to deal with I could do more good since I am not about being selfish, I am about sharing. When I feel best about myself is when others feel good about themselves as well. Happiness is achievable when we set out to include all of us in it. I can only control what I do and say, when I follow the best of who I am inside me. I am living the happiness I so desire for my life. I know what regret is and I never want to willingly put myself in it's despair so when I feel vulnerable about what little I have I instantly remember that none of us is guaranteed anything in this life and life itself is fragile to all of us. So no mindset of "I deserve" for me because we all deserve not just me. Until we all get to have our own grasp on happiness I will continue to find ways of giving that bring me mine.

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