Sunday, April 12, 2015

I am the solution, not part of the problem (#2263)

Each day as I start a new one I collect my thoughts around what I want to accomplish. First it starts with me. I have to have the right outlook on life as a beginning. I present myself with a positive, happy attitude. Ready to interact with anyone in an upbeat way, regardless of the conversation. I focus on what is good and possible about life and steer the conversation that way. I am the solution, regardless if me as the solution is basically insignificant. What matters most to me is that I am trying to make our world a better place and that is all that I can control. I live for a better lifestyle than I have previously allowed myself to experience and I think of a better way to live in the future. I am improving each day toward something better than yesterday. Despite all the chaos around me I am as clear in my vision to be a better person than anything else. Hopefully my regimen will be contagious and others will try to exemplify a bettering as well. Life really is too short to be wasting it on trivial and selfish nonsense. I am proud to be a human being and if there is anything I can do to promote an example of a better human being then that is my agenda. The best part about being someone who cares about all of us more that I care about myself is the reward. Surely you have heard about the oxymoron, give something away to receive? Well this is it for me. I give of myself and what I get in return is not usually something tangible but instead it is a sense of self worth and achievement. A satisfaction about how I live and who I have become. An inner peace that cannot be purchased or sought through any other means. Should we all take this approach to life our problems would be few and our solutions would be many.

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